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Kintrails is a collection of over 9000 individuals consisting of approximately 10,000 note pages and 80,000 text references. It is primarily the work of Gloria Beek and Linda Etty.  A host of family and friends have given tremendous input from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa and USA. We thank everyone.  This is work in progress.  

We ask that this collection of material be treated with respect and without monetary gain. 

“Beek Family History”, a 180 page book printed in 2007. is now available from Gloria Beek.  It is an introduction to the Beek family of British descent. We hope to prepare additional print documents for other family lines.

Updated  Jan  2008

Anniversary Party for David and Edith (Dashper)Stewart.
Beek, Etty, Groen, Hunter & Markle Families.


There are no mountains where I dwell, and yet
At sunrise there is spread
A grand array of mountains! tense and white
That shine beyond the trees, and tempt me yet
To rise, - explore their mirage of delight.
I live so many miles far from the sea,
But sometimes in the sunsets dim twilight,
I catch a glimpse of billows wild and free
A scent of salty spray, and know regret,
That I must roam, an exile far from thee,
No more to hear they tempest thundering might.

  By   Margaret Nimmo Stewart Vansickle
Scottish Immigrant to Canada

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