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Note for:   Ella Beek,   1849 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Found age 1 on the 1850 census for Lockport NY. Ella could be a child of a second marriage to Lydia.
Still confusion if there was a third marriage to a Cynthia or if Lydia and Cynthia are one and the same person.
There is also confusion as to whether Ella is the Hannah Beek mentioned in probate records.

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Note for:   Alice Maude Williston,   3 NOV 1874 - 16 NOV 1905         Index

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     NOVEMBER 23, 1905 St. Croix Courier
DIED : BEEK - At St. Stephen, November 16th, Alice Maud, wife of Henry Beek, of Milltown, aged 31 years, 13 days

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Note for:   John Sayers,   ABT 1835 - BEF 1881         Index

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     Second husband of Margaret Gilmour nee Thomson.

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Note for:   George Gray,   22 JUL 1846 - AFT 1911         Index

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     The birth dates of the first two children, Agness Gray, 1880, and Everau? Gray, 1882 predate the marriage date of March 24, 1887. The marriage date has not been confirmed, and the source not documented. It is possible that there was a first wife, since Annie F. Gray, George's wife would have been only 15 when the first daughter Agness F. Gray was born. Also the space between the first two children and the third child is five years.

1901 Census District: NB NORTHUMBERLAND (#19) Subdistrict: Newcastle J-4 Page 18 (Douglas)
Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6442 (This census gave the birth dates for the offspring.)
18 14 184 Gray George M Head M Jul 22 1846 54
18 15 184 Gray Annie F Wife M Jun 1 1865 35
18 16 184 Gray Agness F Daughter S May 7 1880 20
18 17 184 Gray Everau M Son S Feb 26 1882 18
18 18 184 Gray Ames M Son S Nov 19 1887 13
18 19 184 Gran Jenney F Daughter S Jul 29 1890 10
18 20 184 Gray George M Son S Aug 12 1892 8
18 21 184 Gray Josie F Daughter S Oct 31 1894 6
18 22 184 Gray Andrew M Son S Apr 29 1898 2
18 23 184 Gray Mary F Daughter S Dec 19 1900 3/12

1911 Census New Brunswick / Northumberland / 25 Newcastle Parish / pa
    6 42 Gray George M Head M Jul 1846 65 1901
    7 42 Gray Annie F Wife M Jun 1865 45 1901
    8 42 Gray Amos M Son S Nov 1887 23 1901
    9 42 Gray Jenet F Daughter S Jul 1890 20 1901
10 42 Gray George M Son S Aug 1892 18 1901
11 42 Gray Jossi? F Daughter S Oct 1894 16 1901
12 42 Gray Andrew M Son S Apr 1898 13 1901
13 42 Gray Mary F Daughter S Dec 1900 10 1901
14 42 Gray William M Son S Dec 1902 8 1901
15 42 Gray Jean F Daughter S Apr 1905 6 1901
16 42 Gray John M Son S Apr 1906 53 1901


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Note for:   Alice Ann McDowell,   ABT 1858 - 1924         Index

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     Very unsure of birth date and location

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Note for:   Ezzie McDowell,    - UNKNOWN         Index

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     May be a nickname for one of the other girls in the family... a duplicate.

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Note for:   John McDowell,   1796 - 1870         Index

     Date:   UNKNOWN
     Place:   Fredericton, NB

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Note for:   Alexander McDowell,   30 JUN 1827 - 1906         Index

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Alexander b. in Northern Ireland was a mill wright in Lot 21 Pleasant Valley PEI, then moved to Rose Valley

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Note for:   John McDowell,   ABT 1832 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     John McDowell
Worked in the Saint John N.B. shipyards.

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Note for:   Alexander McDowell,    - UNKNOWN         Index

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     LDS Marriage Alexander Mc Dowell
     Spouse: Anna Mrs Mc Dowell Marriage: About 1754 , , Ireland (not confirmed as target)

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Note for:   Annie Jessiman,    - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Living in Napa California at the time of the death of her brother George Alexander Jessiman.

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Note for:   Sarah J.,   ABT 1825 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Sarah J. (maiden name unknown)
Birth info from 1881 census. See Husband's notes.

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Note for:   John Maitland,   14 FEB 1801 - 11 MAR 1891         Index

     Date:   1891
     Place:   Ontario, CN

Individual Note:

John Maitland was a soldier in Edinburgh Scotland, posted to Ireland where he met his future wife. Believed to have gone to sea as a cabin boy at a young age on his fathers ship... military.

John Maitland a Methodist Preacher teacher in Montague Township, Ontario, CN. 2 years Bandon near Cork Ireland. Was born 14 Feb. 1801 Paisley Scotland married June 26th , 1821 Bandon Cork Co. Ireland. Death March 11, 1891 Holland Twp. near Markdale Ontario.

James Maitland Perth military Settlements 13 Vol 420 page 3 Rell C-2738 PMS/23 Vol 420 p. 213k Mic Reel C-2739 Maitland land book E 18919-1820 page 202..

The Maitlands were Presbyterian but John converted to Methodism. Post war depression caused the family to leave for North America. He went alone to Quebec City and stayed there for a year before moving on to the Rideau District of Upper Canada.( It is believed his father's brother James, had settled there at what today is called Kilmarnock) At age 23 he became a preacher walking over 100 mile circuit, He was joined by his wife and child in 1824. He formed the first Methodist class in Bytown and in 1827 the first circuit in Hull along with other preachers and organizers. Lieut. James Prendergast, a land agent, asked him to come to Clarendon to set up a school and he settled nearby at E1/2 of Lot 3, Range 2. Although applying for a grant in 1829, he did not receive it until 1841. He never purchased the lot he first settled on.

They left Claredon due to a unknown family health problem.
There were in Montague Twp in 1832, and in Toronto in 1833, returning to Clarendon in 1834 Lot 17 Range 3. where he was a farmer and assistant postmaster. He gave up this life and began preaching and teaching in New Brunswick for 10 years. A letter written April 30, 1849 from Bathurst, N.B. to his father in Clarendon revealed he had lost contact with his eldest son John Richard and his younger son James had left New Brunswick for Perth District of Upper Canada. He laments this separation and loss of communication with his sons.
In 1853, John Jr. moved to London, Ontario where he continued preaching. July 1, 1858, he sold the property in Clarendon he had inherited from his father.
John Jr. preached till 1871 when his voice failed. He worked for 10 years at the London post office and then retired.
About 1881 John went to live with daughter Elissa Jane Moore on a farm Holland Twp, Ontario near Markdale. (source not verified)

Photocopy of primary document Death Registration province of Ontario, Canada #005185
John Maitland died March 11, 1891
male age 90 years 25 days
Rank or profession: Gentleman, born Glasgow Scotland Signature of informant: Mrs. E. W. Moore Markdale PO
When registered: April 7, 1891
Registrar James P. Hare

1861 Census Middlesex County London City, Ontario, Canada
source: OGS London-Middlesex Branch publication #225 1861 Census Middlesex - City of London: Surnames M-Z
MAITLAND Elizabeth

1871 Census MAITLAND , JOHN Stray: Individual bears a different surname than the head of the family (likely the target)
Sex: Male Age: 71 Birthplace: SCOTLAND Religion: Wesleyan Methodist Origin: SCOTCH
District: MIDDLESEX EAST ( 009 ) Sub-district: London Township ( C ) Division: 6 Page: 62 Microfilm reel: C-9905 Reference: RG31 Statistics Canada

1871 Census Canada Quinty MAITLAND 1871 census 062g1 family 080 indexed 2002 by OGS Quine Branch
@@CN.on.hastings.tudor_wollaston_limerick_cashell division 1 page 22 film C9994 lds0349183
electoral district of Hastings North
2 MAITLAND James m 30 Scotland presb Scotch farmer married (possible son of target.
3 MAITLAND {?} Mary f 24 Scotland presb Scotch married
4 MAITLAND James m 7 Ont presb Scotch
5 MAITLAND Robert m 5 Ont presb Scotch
6 MAITLAND Haley Ander? m 3 Ont presb Scotch
7 MAITLAND Margaret f 11/12 born May 1870 Ont presb Scotch

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Note for:   John Maitland,   16 FEB 1777 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     LDS Birth Batch #C116227 Source 1041476 Print out 6901464 Mother name is misspelled Mary Ranken.

John Maitland
John Maitland ( b. 1777) became a silk weaver in the District of Anderston Parish of Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland and in 1796 married Mary Moir. They moved from Anderston to Paisley and the first two children were born there. Soon after the birth of the son John, John Sr. joined the British Army and was stationed in Dublin, Ireland where Peter was born. John was in the 5th Garrison Battalion and later transferred to the 2nd Battalion of 83rd Foot of Dublin as Sergeant Major.
In 1807, when six years old, John Jr. embarked with his father on a British Man of War and stayed on this assignment until he was 17 years old, spending 7 or 8 years of the time at or near the town of Bandon, Ireland. John Sr. headquarters remained in Dublin and he was active in the Masonic Order as he became a member of highest rank in Lodge 125 , Dublin, in 1808. On June 25, 1808, John transferred to the North Mayo Regiment of Militia, again as Sergeant Major.
Nothing further is known of the family until 1813, when on July 22, John Sr. got his commission as Quartermaster of the 37th or Northampshire Regiment of Foot. This regiment was stationed at Yarmouth, England, so possibly John Sr. left his family in Ireland. In 1815, he served on the Continent and fought at the Battle of Waterloo where he acted as Paymaster. His wife, Mary Moir related her anxious wait for news of the battle which was relayed from hill-top to hill-top by light signals. She told of her husband's fingers often sore from counting out the pay.
On demobilization in March 24, 1817, John Sr. went on half pay in Cork, Ireland where the 2nd Battalion of the 37th Foot were stationed. John Jr.(b1801) married Elizabeth Ann Beek of Bandon
John Sr (b. 1777) came to Canada and settled in Goulbourn Twp. Upper Canada near where his brother James had settled earlier. In late 1827 or early 1828, he and the family joined John Jr (b. 1801) in Claredon and settled at W1/2 of lot 1 Range2. John Sr. got his lot in 1833 as part of his 500 acre grant for military service, W1/2 Lot 1, Range 2 Lots 1&2, Range 3
John Sr. (b. 1777) was appointed postmaster for Clarendon and his son assistant. John Sr. was also Justice of the Peace. May 9, 1845 he ad his will by Notary Public A. Larue. He died 4 years later. Leaving his property in Clarendon to the 3 children Jane W1/2 Lot 1, Range 2, John Lot 2, Range 3, Peter, Lot 1 Range 3.

Peter by the 1850's had 8 children.
     (excerpts from the writing of J. Lloyd Armstrong abbreviated May 2001 by G. Beek)