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Note for:   Elroy George Walter Mitchell,   3 JAN 1890 - AFT 1901         Index

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     Walter Mitchell
Birth Date given from 1901 Census Northumberland Co., New Brunswick, Canada
Vital Records NB Mitchell, Elroy George b. 1890, Jan 3 Doaktown, Northumberland County, code 1890-M-169 Microfilm F18779

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Note for:   Edith Marie Mitchell,   11 DEC 1899 - AFT 1901         Index

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     Edith Mitchell
Birth info New Brunswick Archives RS141A1b Edith Marie Mitchell b. Doaktown, Northumberland Co. NB, code 1898-M-255 microfilm F18792

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Note for:   Allie Holmes Mitchell,   27 MAY 1890 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Allie Holmes (Mitchell)
Census 1901, lists Allie Holmes adopted into the family headed by Peter Mitchell. Her parents not known as of Feb. 2004

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Note for:   Michael Beek,    - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Christening confirmation Elizabeth Beek from West Cork Heritage Center, Christ Church, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland Parents Michael Beek and Elizabeth

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Note for:   Alice White,   NOV 1884 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
Named on the 1900 census for Aroostock County Lemius Township, Maine, USA. as a step-daughter age 15 to Alexander Beek

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Note for:   Idoram White,   MAR 1887 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     IDORAM WHITE (unsure of spelling of given name)
Named as step-son of Alexander Beek on 1900 Census for Lemius Twp., Aroostock County, Maine. age 13

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Note for:   Joseph Story,   ABT 1827 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Joseph Story
1881 Census Ludlow, Northumberland, New Brunswick Page Number 1 Household Number 4 Family History Library Film 1375821 NA Film Number C-13185 District 35 Sub-district E Division 1
    Joseph STORY M Male English 54 New Brunswick Farmer And Lumber Reformed Presbyterian Sharlet STORY M Female Irish 45 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Charles STORY M Male English 24 New Brunswick Farmer Reformed Presbyterian
    William STORY Male English 21 New Brunswick Farmer Reformed Presbyterian
    Edman STORY Male English 17 New Brunswick Farmer son Reformed Presbyterian
    Alexander STORY Male English 14 New Brunswick Farmer son Reformed Presbyterian
    Miles STORY Male English 12 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Hiram STOREY Male English 12 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Melisa STOREY Female English 9 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Jane STOREY Female English 5 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Levina STOREY Female English 5 New Brunswick Reformed Presbyterian
    Flaves STAFFORD Male English 1 New Brunswick Church of England


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Note for:   Isabella Maxwell Beek,   23 MAR 1831 - 3 SEP 1916         Index

Individual Note:
     Likely born in Fredericton. The family did not move to St. Stephens area until 1835 according to the obituary of her father. Isabella Gregg nee Beek is found on the 1901 Census for British Columbia.

Death Registration British Columbia
Name:Isabella Gregg Place Victoria Reg. Number:1916-09-033380 Copy Available
Date: 1916 9 3 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:85 Event: Death Microfilm #: B13083 (GSU # 1927293)


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Note for:   Abraham Bennet Gregg,   11 NOV 1827 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
    1881 Census Place St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick Family History Library Film 1375815 NA Film Number C-13179
     District 26 Sub-district J Page Number 67 Household Number 351
    Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
    Abraham GREGG M Male Scottish 50 Ireland Merchant Tailor Church of England
    Isabella GREGG M Female Irish 50 N. B. C. Methodist
    Alice GREGG Female Scottish 24 N. B. C. Methodist
    Elissa GREGG Female Scottish 20 N. B. C. Methodist
    Frank GREGG Male Scottish 18 N. B. Clerk C. Methodist
    Charles GREGG Male Scottish 13 N. B. C. Methodist
    Arthur GREGG Male Scottish 11 N. B. C. Methodist

Assume all offspring were born in St. Stephen, Charlotte County NB

Hutchinson Directory 1865-1866 ST. STEPHEN PARISH Gregg, Abraham Tailor Water St. n Marks St.

British Columbia Canada Voters List B 1898
Gregg, Frank Beek, N. side Kings Rd. of Douglas St. tailor and cutter Vic C District.

Provincial New Brunswick Returns of Deaths Name GREGG, ABRAHAM
Sex M Age 64 Date 1912 | 07 | 08 (Y-M-D) County SAINT JOHN Registration 1780
Volume Reference C4/1912 Microfilm F18728

1901 Census of Canada Province: British Columbia District: Victoria District Number: 4 Sub-District: Victoria Sub-District Number: D-17 Family Number: 58 page 6
Gregg, Abraham Male Married Age: 73 Birth Date: 11 Nov 1827 Birthplace: Ireland
    Head Immigration year: 1847 Irish origin Church of England Occupation tailor
Gregg, Isabella Female wife Married Age: 70 Birth Date: 23 Mar 18
b. New Brunswick Immigration year: 1847 Racial or Tribal Origin: Irish Nationality: Canadian
Religion: Methodist
Gregg, Elissa daughter b. Sept 10, 1860 age 40 b. New Brunswick Methodist not working
Gregg, Arthur son b. March 15 , 1870 age 31 b. New Brunswick Methodist dry goods clerk
Gregg, Isabel granddaughter b. June 21, 1887 age 13 b. British Columbia
Gregg, Walter grandson b. Aug 13, 1889 age 11 b. British Columbia
(Uncertain who the parents of the 2 grandchildren are)

A Walter Gregg is found in the 1911 census as a transit man in the Caribou region of British Columbia as part of a survey party. Unsure if this is the grandson of the 1901 Census.

BC Voters List 1898 BC Genweb home page
Gregg, Abraham Bennett, N. side King's Rd., off Douglas St, Work Estate, Artist tailor, VicC
Gregg, Arthur Martin, N.W. cor Duneadon & Sumas Sts, Tailor, VicC
Gregg, Charles Abraham, N.W. cor Duneadon & Sumas Sts, Cutter, VicC
Gregg, Frank Beek, N. side King's Rd, off Douglas St, Tailor & cutter, VicC


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Note for:   Arthur Martin Gregg,   15 MAR 1870 - AFT 1913         Index

Individual Note:
Birth from RS141A2/2 Archives New Brunswick Canada
Government RecordsRS141 Vital Statistics Details #016846
Index to Late Registration of Births Child GREGG, ARTHUR MARTIN Sex M Date of Birth 1870 | 03 | 15 Place ST. STEPHEN County CHARLOTTE Father GREGG, ABRAHAM BENNET Mother BEEK, ISABELLA Code 1870-G-22 Microfilm F18760
Government RecordsRS141 Vital Statistics Details #004929 Index to New Brunswick Marriages
Name GREGG, ARTHUR M. Married RICHEY, ISABELLA Date 1888 | 06 | 28 (Y-M-D) County SAINT JOHN Parish ---- #121 Ref. B1m1 Microfilm F13383 (unlikely target person)

1911 Census of Canada Province: British Columbia District: Victoria District Number: 13
Sub-District Number: 3 Place of Habitation: 602 Dunedin St Page: 3 Family # 31 (hard to read)
Gragg, Arthur Gragg (should be Gregg) head Male Married Age: 40 Birth Date: Mar 1871 b. New Brunswick agent RS? (hard to read)
Gragg, Isabella age 90 widow(she is listed as a head but not , she is mother of Arthur) b. New Brunswick
Gragg, Elissa age 50 (listed as a daughter but in fact a sister of Arthur) hard to read if married b. New Brunswick.
Gragg, Alice age 52 (listed as a daughter but in fact a sister of Arthur) single b. New Brunswick

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Note for:   Elissa Maitland Gregg,   10 SEP 1860 - 18 FEB 1950         Index

Individual Note:
Birth Information New Brunswick Archives RS141A2/2 1860-09-10 Film 13365 2-1-66-60 St. Stephen, Charlotte Co. NB, CN
Details #016848 Index to Late Registration of Births
Child GREGG, ELISSA MAITLAND Sex F Date of Birth 1860 | 09 | 10 (Y-M-D) Place ST. STEPHEN County CHARLOTTE
Father GREGG, ABRAM BENNET Mother BECK, ISABELLA MAXWELL Code 1860-G-7 Microfilm F18758
Death Registration British Columbia Microfilm #:B13203 (GSU # 2032631)
Name: Elissa Maitland Gregg Place Victoria Reg. Number:1950-09-002622
Date:1950 2 18 (Yr/Mo/Day) Age:89 Event: Death


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Note for:   Stanley Herbert Rushton,   1900 - 1992         Index

Individual Note:

Married - Stanley Herb RUSHTON of Acadiaville was married to Mary Elizabeth BEEK of Ferry Road, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James BEEK, at St. David's Church, Saint John on 22nd June by Rev. Hugh Miller. NSL 1 July 1927
Government RecordsRS141 Vital Statistics Name BEEK, MARY ELIZABETH Married RUSHTON, STANLEY HERBERT
Date 1927 | 06 | 22 (Y-M-D) County SAINT JOHN Parish SAINT JOHN Number 2307 Reference B4/1927 Microfilm F19691

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Note for:   William Steele Bartlett,   OCT 1849 - 13 MAY 1927         Index

Individual Note:
     William Bartlett
Born in Maugerville NB possibly.
Relationship to target Beek family not confirmed as of March 2004. Living in Tabusintac as of May 1900 at time of birth of son Archibald Wellington Bartlett. This conflicts with marriage date of 1892

Index to New Brunswick Canada Marriages: 1847-1951
Date: 1892-09-01 (YYYY-MM-DD) County: YORK # 1090 Reference: B4/1892 Microfilm: F14019

Marriage notice Daily Telegraph St. John # the parsonage Fredericton Sept 1 by Rev. F. D. Crawley, Wm Bartlett, Maugerville Sunbury Co. and Maggie Jane Beek Doaktown Northumberland Co. Marriage Vol 84 #950

1901 Census CN New Brunswick, Northumberland Co District # 19 Sub-District Blissfield, Sub District C-1 family #166 #166 page 20
Bartlett, William married head married b. 1861 age 52? b. NB. English Church of England labourer
Bartlett, (name not given) female wife married b. 1875 age 26 b. NB English
Bartlett, (daughter) female daughter single b. 1893 age 8 b. NB
Bartlett, (son) male son b. 1895 age 6 b. NB
(unusual not to have names of family given)
1911 Census CN New Brunswick, Northumberland Co District 30 Sub-District Blissfield Parish, Doaktown Sub-District 9 Living at Doaktown page 20 Family #177 Enumerated June 15, 1911.
Bartlette, William male married age 62 b. October 1849 b. New Brunswick, English
Bartlette, Mrs. female married age 39 b. New Brunswick
Bartlette, Archie male son single b. July 1900 age 11 b. NB English Baptist
Bartlette, Henry male son b. Oct. 1902 age 9 b. NB
Bartlette, Philip male son b. March 1911 3/12months b. NB
Bartlette, Pearly male son b. March 1911 3/12 months b. NB
Lyons?, Arthur male boarder single, b.Aug. 1868 age 43 b. NB Baptist. (did not photo copy from

Death Registration Name BARTLETT, WILLIAM S. Sex M Date 1927 | 05 | 13 (Y-M-D)
County NORTHUMBERLAND Registration 23760 Volume 23 Microfilm F18926

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Note for:   Archibald Wellington Bartlett,   31 MAY 1900 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Archibald Wellington Bartlett
Birth Info New Brunswick Archives b. Tabusintac Northumberland Co, New Brunswick, Canada. #1193 Reference A5/1900 film F18056 (not listed on 1901 Census with William Bartlett in Blissfield, his believed father.)

Child BARTLETT, ARCHIBALD WELLINGTON Sex M Date of Birth 1900 | 05 | 31 (Y-M-D)
Father BARTLETT, WILLIAM Mother BEEK, MAGGIE Number 1193 Microfilm F18056