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Note for:   Walter Maitland Beek,   16 JUL 1882 - AFT 1930         Index

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Maine Marriages, 1892-1996 Record Groom's Name: Beek Walter M Groom's Residence: Bangor, ME
Bride's Name: Bates Gertrude E Bride's Residence: Bangor, ME
Marriage Date: January 31 , 1917 Certificate: 0
World War I Registration Draft USA Roll # 1654011 Draft Board 2 Maine Penobscot County received Jan. 2006
Serial # (not readable) Order # A3579 Walter Maitland Beek age 36 b. July 16, 1882
Home Address: 124 Larkin St. Bangor Penobscot Maine
White Race, Declared Alien born New Brunswick, Canada
Occupation: machinist Maine Central Railroad
Closest Relative: Eva G Beek of 124 Larkin St. Bangor Penobscot Maine.
Signed in own hand Walter Maitland Beek
Second Page 18-2-7 C
Stature tall, Building medium, Blue eyes, Yellow hair (gray is crossed out) No impairments
Signed by Registrar C. Leopold Vancheater? Date of Registration Sept. 12, 1918
Stamp hard to read : Local Board for Division No 2 fro the county of Penobscot..

1930 Census from (incomplete info.) USA Maine, Penobscot Co. Hampden Township
    roll T626_837 page 2A Ed. 52, image 0642
Walter M. Beek (original looks like Willie) b. Canada age 45
Gertrude E. Beek age 43 (probably wife)
Donald H. age 14

1930 Census Maine Penobscott, Town of Hampden Enumerated April 4, 1930 Enumeration District 10-52 Supervisors District 3 Sheet 2A page 52 Atlantic highway #39 and #41 (hard to read)
Beek, Walter M. head, renting, unemployed?? age 45 male, white, married age 34?, b. Canada English, father b. Canada, mother b. England arrived US 1907 , machinist railroad?
Beek, Gertrude E. wife female white age 43, married at age 32 years b. Maine, father b. Massachusetts, mother b. Maine no employment
Beek, Donald H son male white age 14? single, b. Maine father b. Canada, mother b. Maine
Bates, George C? adopted son male white age 11, b. Maine, father b. Maine, mother b. Maine.

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Note for:   Gertrude E. Bates,   ABT 1888 - AFT 1930         Index

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Unsure if the name Bates is a maiden name or the name of a former husband. Hence her son by a previous relationship may have her maiden name or the name of the previous relationship individual.

Marriage entered twice in the Maine records as Gertrude E. Bates and Gertrude E. Whitney both of Bangor Maine.

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Note for:   Lavina M.,   ABT 1865 - AFT 1930         Index

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     Lavina M......Maiden name unknown. An obituary of son Robert U. Beek names her Mrs. Herbert F. Beek
Birth year 1865 from 1900 Census Washington Co. Maine USA

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Note for:   Herbert M. Beek,   ABT 1902 - 18 APR 1965         Index

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     Maine Death Certificate Maine #6503219 Indicated age 60 died Augusta 4/18/1965

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Note for:   Alfred Leavitt,   FEB 1862 - AFT 1911         Index

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     Surname Leavitt or Leavett

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Note for:   William Beek,   ABT 1849 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     William Beek (relation to target family unknown)
    1881 Census St. Marys, York, New Brunswick, Canada from LDS
    Film 1375818 C-13182 District 30 Subdistrict R Division 1 page 17, household # 83
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
William BEEK M Male English 32 New Brunswick Farm Laborer Church of England
Elisabeth BEEK M Female English 24 New Brunswick Church of England

Possible son of Joseph Beek and Ann Leslie

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Note for:   Joseph Richard Hea,   10 MAR 1823 - 8 JAN 1905         Index

     Date:   1905
     Place:   Ontario, CN

Individual Note:
Joseph R Hea MA attended Kings's College Windsor, Nova Scotia. He received a DCL from there in 1858. (DCL Doctorate of Canon Law)
This particular college was believed to be the home of the game of ice hockey in the early 1800's.

Much more is known of their son, Joseph Hea than his parents. He was an educator and worked in the schools of Nova Scotia for a number of years. He married a Nova Scotian, Miriam Ann Edson, ten years older than himself. After teaching in a number of locations Joseph R. Hea founded the Acacia Villa School at Town Plot, Horton Landing in 1852, a private school for boys. Horton Landing is now called Hortonville. He remained owner and principal there until he sold it in 1860 to Alexander Patterson. The school closed in 1920 and the buildings are gone. A monument stands on the site reading:

This cairn marks the site of the Acacia Villa School for Boys founded in 1852 by Joseph R. Hea. He was principal until 1860, Arthur McNutt Patterson was principal from 1860 to 1907. His son, Arthur H. Patterson was principal from 1907 to 1920, when the school was officially closed.

Joseph R. Hea, a staunch Wesleyan Methodist,was chosen to assume that post at the commencement of the business of the University of New Brunswick. Hea had graduated from King's in 1849 and received his M.A. in 1851, and B.C.L. and D.C.L from King's College, Nova Scotia in 1856 and 1858 respectively. He had been an instructor at the academy in Sackville and gone on from there to begin a school for boys.

Joseph Hea’s reputation as an educator was well known. He was asked to head the fledgling University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. The accounts suggest he had a difficult time there. The university was largely controlled by the wealthy parents and the manipulating offspring. Professors were open to unjustified criticism and easily lost their position if they displeased the students. There were arguments over curriculum and religion and uncertainty as to leadership. Finally the Lieutenant-Governor, on the advice of the Fredericton mayor, William Needham, created a secular university in 1859. This was far from a cure for the problem.

When Dr. Hea became the third president of the university in 1860, he was faced with an open revolt. The previous head of the institution, Edwin Jacob, had held the position for 30 years and would not give his allegiance or his quarters to Hea. Hea had to move other individuals in order to find a place to stay angering some of the students. On another occasion it is alleged he took some visitors on a tour of the student quarters, again offending their privacy. While suffering a revolt often led by the previous president, he continued to praise the students and professors to the public and government officials promoting the university at every opportunity. Finally a group of students through their influential parents asked for a judicial review presided over by the Lieutenant-Governor. John Hea appeared to face twenty-six charges against him, most of which were brought forward by a small group of students.

Following what appeared to be unjustified charges, John Hea was cleared and allowed to continue as head of the University. Being the man he was, he brought staff and students together and forgave them for what had happened. The following year, in spite of the fact the overall numbers attending the university remained stable, he was fired. This was a unfortunate end for a pioneer in education in the Maritimes. All this was happening in Fredericton at the time James Beek, his uncle, was in a feud with the mayor and local politicians of Fredericton and was embroiled in a dispute over his father Joseph Beek’s will. There is no way of knowing if these were factors complicating Hea’s difficulties at the university.

The Heas moved back to Nova Scotia following the university feud. Dr. J. R. Hea is listed in the Hutchison’s Nova Scotia Directory for 1864/65 as Auditor for the Fruit Growers’ Association and International Show Society. It is believed the term doctor was the result of his DCL advanced degree from Kings College Windsor university. At some point, the family moved to Ontario. Joseph worked as an insurance inspector in Vaughan a community that is now part of the Greater Toronto City. They were joined by his mother Catherine Hea, nee Beek who had lived with them following the death of her husband. They appeared on the 1881 census in the Toronto area of Ontario. Notable that Joseph’s wife was closer in age to his mother than to himself. It is wondered whether Catherine Hea made contact with her brother John’s offspring who were in Southern Ontario at the same time.

1851 Census Sackville Nova Scotia page 42 of transcription.
Hea page 16 (unusual designation as British American.not found before... census takers discretion.
Joseph R. Hea head age 28 b. British American professor
Miriam wife age 30 b. British American
Mary A. McBride widow servant age 28 British American
(the age given for Miriam, Joseph's wife conflicts with previous info that placed her as being much older than Joseph Richard Hea.)

1881 Census Place Vaughan, York West, Ontario, Canada Family History Library Film 1375885
     NA Film Number C-13249 District 136 Sub-district E Division 4 Page Number 37 Household Number 169
    Joseph R HEA Married Male Irish 59 Ireland Insurance Inspector Church of England
    Miriam A HEA Married Female English 70 Nova Scotia Church of England
    Catherine HEA Widow Female Irish 79 Ireland C. Methodi
    Rebecca ARMISTEAD Female English 37 Ontario Church of England
    Eliza SPENCER Female Irish 75 Nova Scotia Church of England

Fruit Growers' Association and International Show Society the Auditor is Dr. J. R. Hea found on page 542 of Hutchinson's Nova Scotia directory for 1864/65.

Death Schedule C County of Dufferin Ontario Canada, #008782
Hea, Joseph Richard male died January 8 1905 at age 82, Residence Grand Valley Occupation Gentleman, married, born Ireland, died of apoplexy 1 week, Name of Physician WK Colbeck MD, Religion Church of England, Person making the return WK Colbeck, Date of Registration January 9, 1905.

1900 ?Census Place: Ste-Ursule Ward, Trois-Rivieres, Ste-Maurice, Quebec LDS film1375850 NA Film Number C-13214 District 83 n Sub-district C Page 17 Household Number 71 Name Marital StatusGender Ethnic Origin AgeBirthplace OccupationReligion John JENKINS 1 M Male Irish 43 New Brunswick Minister Episcopal Elizabeth JENKINS M Female Scottish 30 Q Episcopal John Bertie JENKINS Male Irish 15 Q School Episcopal
    Lanne JENKINS Female Irish 13 Q School Episcopal Ethel Lizzie JENKINS Female Irish 11 Q School Episcopal
    Mildred Mary JENKINS Female Irish 9 Q School Episcopal Ernest Cecil JENKINS Male Irish 7 Q School Episcopal
    Lilly Osborne JENKINS Female Irish 4 Q Episcopal Josephine Mary Anne JENKINS Female Irish 1 Q Episcopal Martha HEA *****Female Irish 85 Ireland Episcopal (not confirmed as part of target family) Archives of University of New Brunswick box 4 file 2 22 photos Joseph R. Hea first President 1860-1861 (may include a photo of Joseph R. Hea)

Tombstone Grand Valley Ontario St. Alban's Anglican Church (appears to be in good shape, white marble.)
" Joseph R. Hea DCL
Born Cork Ireland March 10, 1823
Died Jan. 8, 1905
Rebecca Ann Armistead wife of
Joseph R. Hea
born Nov. 22, 1843 died No. 22, 1915"

Possible relative: Daniel F. Johnson Vol. 70 Number 1561 Rank 208 Dec. 12, 1888 St. John NB The Daily Telegraph
Died St. John city Tuesday 11th inst., Paul Ernest Hea, age 3 son of Hattie Hea and Arthur J. Hea.
(possible son Arthur J. Hea of John Hea Jr., but not found anywhere else as of July 2007)

    Daniel F. Johnson Vol. 26 Number 135 Rank 208 Feb. 27, 1868 St. John Morning Telegraph
On Thursday 20th inst., John Hea, formerly of Miramichi (Northumberland Co.) was drown in the Great Bras D'Or Lake, Cape Breton while crossing the ice. The deceased was a father of John Hea Jr., Esq. Prince William (York Co.) NB and Dr. J. R. Hea of Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

Daniel F. Johnson Vol 17 Number 6312 Rank 69 July 17, 1858 St. John New Brunswick Courier
At the late convocation of King's College, Windsor, Nova Scotia, the degree of D. C. L. was conferred on Sir John Inglis and Joseph R. Hea, Esq. the later gentleman is a native of this Province and graduated with honors at King's College, Fredericton. He is at present the proprietor of Seminary at Lower Horton, Nova Scotia.

Death Record Ontario Joseph Richard Hea b. about 1823 Ireland died Dufferin County , Ontario, Canada Jan 8, 1905. 82 years of age Grand valley occupation Gentleman died of apoplexy 1 week . Physician W K Colbreck MD Religion Church of England Name of person making return W K Colbeck Registered Jan. 9 1905 #009782 page 280

Dictionary of Miramichi Biography by W. D. Hamilton 1997 Keystone Printing MC 80/2184 p. 163-165
Copy in Fredericton, New Brunswick Archives and in the Archives of the Catholic Church of Chatham NB. Quoted completely:
Hea, Joseph Richard, teacher, scholar; president of the University of New Brunswick b./ Co. cork Ireland 10 March 1823, son of John Hea and Catherine Beek ; married first 1848 to Miriam Ann Edson of Niagara Canada west , and second, 1886 to Rebecca Anne Armistead, a native of Lloydtown, northwest of Toronto; died Grand Valley, Dufferin Count Ontario, 8 January 1905.
Joseph R. Hea came to the Miramichi with his parents as an infant. He studied at the County Grammar School under Archibald Gray and William Jenkins and was later an assistant teacher there. he was both a student and an instructor at the Wesleyan Academy in Sackville when it opened in 1843, and he remained on the staff for nine years. In 1848 he was Classical and French master. On the basis of his scholarly attainments he was awarded a non-resident BA by King's College, Fredericton, in 1849 and an MA in 1851.
Hea was professor of French, Latin, and Greek at Mount Allison in 1851-52. He was "a man of many gifts and notably capable as a teacher "but was not without some eccentricities of character." It has been stated that he resigned his position in 1852 amid "hints of personal feuds and recriminations," but the particulars of his departure are not known. In May 1852 the Sons of Temperance of Chatham of which he had remained a member, expressed regret over his "resignation" from Mount Allison, praised his "universal popularity," and wished him well in his "new sphere of labor". The new work was to be in Nova Scotia, where in July 1852 he opened Lower Horton Seminary, a private Boarding school for boys. In an advertisement he promised to correspond monthly with parents and refrain from the use of corporal punishment.
While conduction his school in Nova Scotia, Hea pursued the study of law at King's College, Windson (BCL 1856, DCL 1858) and when Kings's College, Fredericton , was reorganized as the university of New Brunswick, he filed an application for the presidency, claiming that he possessed "the energy and nerve," as well as the academic qualifications and experience needed for the job. His four page letter was dated 20 June 1860, and he was appointed in July. Unfortunately for him, however, his term was of only a few hectic months' duration. The students, led by I. Allen Jack, complained bitterly about his harshness and unfairness as a disciplinarian, and you Jack's father William Jack, who was a lawyer, was permitted to investigate the allegations. forty-six pages of "evidence" of the president's abusiveness in word and deed were complied by Jac, on the basis of which he was removed from office in the spring of 1861.
Hea returned to Nova Scotia and was living at Windsor in 1868. He Later moved to Toronto and worked as an insurance adjustor. His first wife, Miriam A. Edson who was fourteen years his senior, died in Toronto in 1885. He and his second wife, Rebecca A. Armstead, who was 20 years his Junior, made their home in Grand Valley, northwest of Toronto, until it was destroyed by a tornado in 1885. St. Albans Anglican Church at Grand Valley had a memorial window testifying to the Heas' work with the Sunday School. A tombstone stands in St. Alban's Cemetery

1848 #474 New Brunswick Courier Married at Mount Allison Sackville Westmorland County Thursday 6 July 1848 by Rev. Albert DesBusay, Joseph R Hea Esquire , classical and French master of Wesleyan Academy and Miriam Ann, second daughter of John Edson of Niagara.

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Note for:   Joseph Story,   ABT 1794 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Joseph Storey (alias Story)
1851 Census neighbours of the Beek family Blissfield, Northumberland Co.,New Brunswick, CN
Joseph Story head age 57 English farmer born July 1815
Christyann Story wife age 54
Benjamin Story son age 30
Joshua Story son age 16 *****
Mary Jane Story daughter age 14
Peter Story son age 8

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Note for:   James Strothard White,   17 MAY 1874 - 24 DEC 1949         Index

Individual Note:
probably born St. John, NB CN, probably died Pasadena, CN, USA

1910 Census USA California Los Angeles, Pasadena Township Precinct 4 Series t624 roll 86 page 11 3WD Pasadena Sup District 7 Enum District 297 Sheet 11A Enumerated April 22, 1910 received Feb. 2005 S. England?? Ave. #249 #302
White, James S. head age 35 married 9 years b. Canada Eng, Father b. England, Mother b. Canada physician. (check naturalization info)
White, Jessie D. wife age 35 b. married 9 years b. Arizona? Father b. New York, Mother b. Illinois
White, Emily O. daughter age 7 b. California, Father b. Canada, Mother b. Arizona?
White, Frances M. daughter age 5 b. California, Father b. Canada, Mother b. Arizona?
Finigan? Ida servant age 25 b. Illinois... parents born Germany?
Beek, Joseph cousin b. Canada age 27 single Father b. Canada, Mother b. Canada came to US 1887 Naturalized.

1920 Census USA California Los Angeles, Pasadena, Sp District 8, Enumeration District 533, Sheet 8A Ward 8 Enumeration Date January 7, 1920 # 693 # 202 # 220
Doar??(hard to read) Emily W head owns home widow, age 69 b. Illinois father b. Indiana, mother b. New York not working
White, J. Stoddard son-in-law age 45 immigrated 1889 b. Canada father b. England, mother b. Canada , an osteopath
White, Jessie D daughter age 44 b. Arizona father b. New York, mother b. Illinois
White, Emily O granddaughter age 17 single b. California, father b. Canada, and mother b. Illinois
White, Frances M granddaughter age 13 b. California father b.Canada, mother b. Arizona
(did not find the family on the 1930 census as of Dec. 2006)

Death Registration from Roots web has death Dec. 24, 1949, confirmed as it cross checks with mother's maiden name Beek Los Angeles California. US

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Note for:   John T. Dole,   ABT 1812 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
1850 Census US Maine, Penobscott County, Bangor
John T. Dole age 38 merchant b. Maine
Eunice R. Dole age 36 b. New Hampshire
Augustus R? Dole age 8 b. Maine
Elizabeth T? Dole age 5 b. Maine
Florence Dole age 1 b. Maine

On the same 1850 census page is a possible brother of John T. Dole with his family: Albert Dole age 41, Marion age 36, Sarah age 13, Mary E. age 11, William B age 9 and James A. age 6 and Olive age 1

1860 Census US Maine, Penobscot County Bangor Enumerated June 19, 1960
    Name: Augustus K Dole Age in 1860: 17 Birth Year: abt 1843 Birthplace: Maine
Home in 1860: Bangor Ward 2, Penobscot, Maine (all born Maine except Eunice Dole)
John T Dole age 48 Agent Lin? Packets
Eunice K Dole age 43
Augustus K Dole age 17 (children not listed as employed, perhaps still in school)
Lissie T Dole age 15
Flora E Dole age 11

Next door on the 1860 census is a John Dole age 45 a carpenter with family Harriet age 42, George E. age 12, William B. age 8 Relation to the target family is unknown.

1870 Census USA Maine, Penobscot County, Bangor Series M593 Role 552, page 8
page 66 Dole, Eunice age 54 F White keep house b. New Hampshire
*** line 2 Dole, Augustus K. age 27 occupation photographer b. Maine eligible to vote
        Dole, Lizzie age 25 b. Maine
Dole, Florence age 21 b. Maine.
Although 1870 census does not give relationships, it is assumed that Eunice is the mother of Augustus K, Lizzie, and Florence. Father not indicated.

Also on 1870 Census USA Maine, Cumberland County, 6WD Portland, series M593 roll 541, page 230 page 69 line 4 house 491 family 545 Dole, Augustus, age 29 photographer b. Maine eligible to vote.
May have been enumerated twice.

1880 Census Census Place Ward 3, Bangor, Penobscot, Maine
Family History Library Film 1254485 NA Film Number T9-0485 Page Number 164B
    John T. DOLE Self M Male W 68 born ME Clerk In Store father born ME mother born MA
    Eunice DOLE Wife M Female W 63 b. NH Keeping House father born NH mother born MA
**** Augustus K. DOLE Son S Male W 37 b. ME Photographer father born ME mother born NH
    Elizabeth T. DOLE Dau S Female W 35 b. ME At Home father born ME mother born NH
    Florence E. DOLE Dau S Female W 31 b. ME At Home father born ME mother born NH
(unsure why Augustus is in home of parent if he is married in 1880 to Mary Beek)

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Note for:   Olivia Eliza Morgan,   3 SEP 1795 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
Information from Rootsweb re name etc.

Joseph Beek b. 1776 and died 1858 left the balance of his money to Henry Seymour's mother-in-law. Henry received nothing.
The will was contested by James S. Beek successfully and he got the the inheritance.

Married more than once unknown...

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Note for:   J. Henry Beek,   ABT 1836 - 3 DEC 1868         Index

Individual Note:
Early death age 32.ID: I2428 From World Tree
Name: J. Henry BEEK Sex: M Birth: ABT. 1836 in Fredericton, N.B. Death: 3 DEC 1868 in Portland, Maine (on way home from Memphis) 1
Occupation: Station Master, St John, E.&N.A. Rlwy. 2 Aged 32
Father: James Scott BEEK b: 1 JUN 1814 in Ballymodan Par., Bandon, Co Cork, Ireland
Mother: Margaret BARKER b: ABT. 1817 in of Maugerville, N.B.

Daniel F Johnson : Volume 18 Number 1075

Date : April 25, 1860 County : YorkPlace : FrederictonNewspaper : The Head Quarters
The language of the text is the original used in the newspaper entry and as transcribed by Daniel F. Johnson. Records acquired by the Provincial Archives are not translated from the language in which they originat
d. St. John, 20th inst., at residence of his uncle (Henry S. BEEK) of disease of the heart and lungs, age 22, James C. BEEK second s/o James S. BEEK, Esq., Mayor of Fredericton city (York Co.)

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Note for:   Lillian Katrina White,   14 MAY 1880 - MAR 1960         Index

Individual Note:
    11 months old at 1881 census taking.
1900 Census Pasadena Los Angeles California age 20, b. May 1880

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Note for:   Thomas Park Upton,   10 SEP 1871 - 5 JUL 1966         Index

Individual Note:
Age and birth location from Upton family members. June 2007. The age spread between Thomas and his two other brothers seems unusual.

1920 Census California Pasadena Los Angeles Roll T625_117 Page 84 Enumeration District 530 Supervisory District 8 Image 1086 Precinct 64 Sheet 2-A Enumerated January 6, 1920 S. Wareing?? Ave. #611 # 34 #35
White, James A. head age 75 , arrived US 1887 naturalized 1892 b. England Father b. England, Mother b. England Occupation Treasurer of Water Company (at the end of the line is written 814 - unsure what it means perhaps annual wage?)
White, Olivia J. wife age 72 Arrived US 1887 naturalized not employed.
Upton, Katrina R. daughter age 38 Arrived US 1887 naturalized b. Canada, Father b. England, Mother b. Canada not employed
Upton, Thomas P son-in-law age 46 b. Minnesota (Minneapolis) Father b. unknown, Mother b. Ohio not employed
Upton Dorothy O. granddaughter age 10 b. California, Father b. Minnesota, Mother b. Canada
Upton Katrina L age 9 b. California, Father b. Minnesota, Mother b. Canada
Upton Barbara H age 7 b. California, Father b. Minnesota, Mother b. Canada
Upton Phyllis I age 5 b. California, Father b. Minnesota, Mother b. Canada

1930 United States Federal Census Home in 1930: Pasadena, Los Angeles, California
Name: Thomas P Upton Home in 1930: Pasadena, Los Angeles, California Sup. Dist 15 Enumeration Dist 19-124 Sheet 16A Enumerated April; 10, 1930 House #611 # 347 #384 Mecengo Ave?
Upton Thomas P owns house $10000 age 58 married at age 36 b. Minnesota, Father and Mother b. US (the location births of father and mother of Thomas is confusing on all censuses)
Upton Katrina W. wife age 49 married at age 28 b. Canada, father b. England mother b. Canada
Upton Dorothy O. daughter age 20 b. CA no children working.
Upton L. Katrina daughter age 19 b. CA
Upton L. Barbara H age 17 b. CA
Upton Phyllis I age 15 b. CA