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Note for:   Ted Fox,    - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Resided at Duncan B.C. Vancouver Island as of 1980

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Note for:   Peter Smith Mitchell,   1 JUL 1856 - UNKNOWN         Index

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Census 1901 Blissfield Northumberland Co., New Brunswick, Canada Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6442 National Archives of Canada c page 7
17 53 Mitchell Peter M Head M Jul 1 1866 age 45 PANB
18 53 Mitchell Bella F Wife M Sep 1 1862 age 39 PANB
19 53 Mitchell Manford M Son S Jan 9 1886 age 15 PANB
20 53 Mitchell K Walter M Son S Jan 3 1890 age 11 PANB
21 53 Mitchell Edith F Daughter S Dec 11 1899 age 2 PANB
22 53 Holmes Allie F Adopted S May 27 1890 age 11

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Note for:   Robert C Beek,   ABT 1821 - AFT 1870         Index

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(not confirmed relation to target family, however since not may Beeks in Ireland, and with a very English set of given names, recorded here.) Must have arrived in USA between 1851 and 1857.

1870 Census USA Illinois Henderson Sagetown PO Series M593 Roll 228 page 174 from Heritage Quest Dec. 2004
page 4 house 30 family 27
Beek, Robert C. age 49 b. Ireland farmer $4000 property $800 personal
Margaret wife age 46 keep house b. Ireland
Ellen daughter age 19 b. Ireland
Agnes daughter age 13 b. Illinois
Hough son age 11 b. Illinois
James son age 10 b. Illinois
Sarah daughter age 8 b. Illinois
Robert son age 6 b. Illinois (no sign of this family on 1880,1890 and subsequent census for Illinois)

1880 Census Place Chemung, Mc Henry, Illinois USA Family History Library Film 1254228 (not confirmed as part of target family)
     NA Film Number T9-0228 Page Number 64C
    Robt. BEEK Self M Male W 44 IRE. Farmer parents born IRE. IRE.
    Anna J. BEEK Other M Female W 32 IRE. Keeping House parents born IRE. IRE.
    William J. BEEK Other S Male W 12 IL At School parents born IRE. IRE.
    Fred R. R. BEEK Other S Male W 8 IL parents born IRE. IRE.
    Aleek?? A. BEEK Other S Male W 3 IL parents born IRE. IRE.

Robert BEEK Birth Date: 12 Aug 1918 Death Date: 19 Apr 1997
Social Security Number: 325-14-8761 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Illinois
Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 62263
Localities: Beaucoup, Washington, Illinois Nashville, Washington, Illinois New Minden, Washington, Illinois Pilot Knob, Washington, Illinois Todds Mill, Washington, Illinois

Daniel F Johnson : Volume 24 Number 1654 Date : September 17, 1866County : Saint John
Place : Saint John Newspaper : Morning News (not sure where this individual fits in)
m. Molus River (Kent Co.) 3rd ult., by Rev. James Fowler, Robert BEEK / Miss Isabella MORRILL.

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Note for:   John Gerband Beek,   1737 - 4 DEC 1822         Index

     Date:   1822
     Place:   Montreal QUE CN

Individual Note:
Middle Name of John Gerband Beek found in Holland. It is believed that his connection was within 2 generations of Holland and thus not related to target Beek family of Irish/English origin. (in 2004 not confirmed) However, importance of position in Montreal after the arrival of the British suggests that he was English in background in the near past. Also the similarity of occupation to many contemporary Beek family members raises questions as to common background.

Information source that may or may not give facts about John Gerband Beek ...(not reviewed 2004)
Repertoire des engagements pour l'ouest en RAPQ 1929-30-31-32 published by Massicotte. RAPQ Papport de L'Arcviste de la Province de Quebec.

Notary Public and Collector of Customs in Montreal as early as 1766, shortly after the English captured Quebec. He appears 20 times or more in the Quebec Gazette of the period. It is fully indexed and available at the National Archives Ottawa. It is believed he married in New York about 1763?. He was a Church Warden of Christ Church, Montreal, and a founding member of the Masonic Order in 1768. It is known he had at least one daughter He shared a similar occupation to Joseph Beek b. 1776 who was living in Fredericton in 1825. No connection has been made between the two. (have a photocopy of Quebec Gazette records and signature of John Gerbrand Beek as a founding member of the Masonic Order) comments from Gloria Beek

John G Beek year 1811 Montreal Jury Lists (liable to serve as juror) National Archives Canada Reel H1758 (RG4B19 Vol 1) page 7 (also on 1813)
Marriage from LDS Family Search Aug. 2002 May or may not be the same person
John Beek Spouse Margaret Armstrong Marriage 2 Sept. 1763 Trinity Church Parish, New York, New York, US
M510591 0882993 (Note: Other records say his wife's name is Sarah. One of John Gerband Beek's daughters was named Margaret Sarah Beek)

Public Archives Ottawa Record Groups Manuscript Division RG 4 D 1
from the Quebec Gazette
References to Beek. John Gerbrand
Aug 18. 1766 - Beek J Advt states that Philip Payn, merchant, is a man of honesty and integrity (29 years old)
Aug 24, 1769 - Licensed to sell liquor no. 243
Nov. 6. 1788 - Settlement of an estate names Sequestrator no. 1212
Sept. 6.9 1781- Notary for town and district of Montreal no. 835
Dec. 25, 1783- Notary no.957
Nov. 19, 1789- One of the Church Wardens of Christ Church, Montreal no. 1267
May 12, 1791 - Attorney to Holmes Curator to vacant estate of Robert Jackson, Tavern Keeper, Montreal no. 1346
July 19, 1792- Signs address to Sir John Johnson at his departure from province
Nov. 15, 1792- Passenger on ship "Caroline" for London no. 1428
note:“ Ship Caroline of Boston, May 21, 1804
Crew of the Caroline traded for 450 beaver skins and 145 clamons (Ruby and Brown 1976:83). By 1804, Indians were receiving larger numbers of guns and more alcohol. The Caroline carried 650 gallons of rum. The Chinook favored the blue glass beads brought by these boats, calling them “chief beads". They also acquired knives, copper and brass kettles, armbands, blue robes, cloth, and buttons which they traded upriver for pounded salmon, beargrass and roots.
Further info: Caroline or Dragon - American registry, Richard J. Cleveland, master; arrived July 19, 1799, departed July 21, 1799
July 11 1793- Passenger arrived at Quebec on board ship "Everetta" from London no, 1461
Aug. 8, 1805 - By deeds appointed to administer oaths and applications for lands no 2104
Nov. 11, 1807- Notary District of Quebec Mention in notice of sheriff sale property Wm. Grant
Dec. 22, 1808- Appointed Commissioner for administering the oath of allegiance to applicants for grants or leases in waste lands no. 2279
June 6, 1811 - Appointed Justice of Peace for interior district of Gaspe no. 2411
Jan. 2, 1812 - Notice to persons holding lots in Wickham requesting them to pick up deeds at his office no. 2441
Nov. 12, 1821- John Beek (possibly a son?) Capt. District of Gaspe promoted to Major no. 1167
Aug. 15, 1822- Sheriff Sale 18. no. 3246
Oct. 24, 1822- Sheriff Sale no. 3246 no. 3266
Dec. 9, 1822 J.G. Beek Notary Public Montreal Collector of Customs, death reported: born 1737, died 1822 age 85 no. 3279

1771 Last 3 pages photocopied from the Masonic Secretary's Book of St. Peters Lodge Montreal, 1768-71 found in the Ottawa Archives MG 23 G IV L . Held the original document in my hand.(G. Beek) It shows the artistic calligraphy of John Gerband Beek just in signing his name. He is listed as a Junior Warden in 1771.

Early in 1786, William Moore and his company rented Levy Solomon's 'neat and elegant' assembly room in Montreal - 'the Whole Second Floor' for the theatre and 'as far as the third beam in the Farther part of the third Floor' for dressing rooms. 8 Notary John Gerband Beek

August 1791 Montreal Gazette
In an ad to purchase a property the following two names were mentioned
"Any person inclined to purchase the same may apply to Mr John JONES JUN.
Sorel or to John G BEEK Esqr. Montreal signed William HENRY"

1792 Public Archives Ottawa Manuscript Group Baby Index visually examined the following
FA 16 MG 24 L3 (18167-72) Vol. 29, Oct. 31, 1792

1794 Land Sale Paper showing J.G. Beek a notary public in the City of Montreal in the Province of Lower Canada written in his own hand and signed by him. It is a document of 5 pages in length and between a Rev. John Young and a Sir John Johnson, Baronet.
FA 165 MG 24 L3 (23345-49) Vol. 36, dated Oct. 10, 1794

References in the Archives of Canada
1794 66342 66354 C2545 (building of court house)
1796 J.G. Beek wrote a contract of marriage between Samuel Gerrard and Anne Grant.
FA 16 (23381-86) Vol. 36, dated Nov. 5, 1796

1796 20012 22013 C2508 (land petition)
1796 National Archives of Canada p. 4172 No. 589 Land grant application
John Gerbrand Beek and George Kittson on behalf of themselves and 38 associates Montreal 21st April 1796 Referred by 1st July by ____?___ Recommended 28 July . Praying for a grant of the Township of Dudswell? formerly prayed for by John Bishop
Notation that application was rejected because the township of Dudswell? is not vacant.
1796 4172 C2496 (why land petition rejected)

1804 The marriage record in Montreal Christ Anglican states that Simon Fraser, merchant, single man and Catherine Mackay, single woman, both Majors [21 or over] of the City of Montreal, were married by licence on the eighteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and four - by me - J. Mountain. Consenting parties: Simon Fraser & Catherine M’Kay. Witnesses: Simon M’Tavish, Jo. Frobisher, Alexr. M’Leod [all signed]. This was confirmed by Articles of Marriage between Simon Fraser & Catherine McKay, dated 18 Feb 1804, before Notary J.G. Beek.

Sample below of notary work by John Gerband Beek (first French and then English)
(7) Le contrat se lit "... fut présent Basile Proulx, bourgeois, demeurant en la ville de Montréal, lequel loue, du premier jour de janvier jusques et pour quatre mois consécutifs ... à Edward Allen & Company, conducteurs d'un théâtre, partie dune Maison Sise en Ette ville, rue des Recollects, derriere la Maison occur par le dit bailleur, consistant en un grand appartement où est actuellement construit le théâtre et tous les appartements du second étage du côté de la dite maison du dit bailleur et à lui appartenant .... De plus ..., le dit bailleur recevra, chaque nuit de représentation, un billet de loge ..." (notaire Beek, BRH, vol. XXV, 154). Sur le tronçon de la rue Notre-Dame qu'on appelait "rue des Récollets", entre McGill et Saint-Pierre, seul le lot voisin de Louis Foureur dit Champagne correspond à la description. Il est jusqu'en 1810 au nom de Proulx, qui occupe la partie arrière, sur Saint-Jacques. La rue des Récollets actuelle fut ouverte en 1818.

(7) the contract is read "... was present Basile Proulx, middle-class man, remaining downtown of Montreal, which rents, first jusques day of January and for four months consecutive... In Edward Allen & Company, drivers of a theatre, part of a house located downtown this, street of Récollets, behind the house occupied by the known as financial backer, consisting of a large apartment where is currently built the theatre and all the apartments of the second stage on the side of the known as house of the known as financial backer and with him belonging.... Moreover..., the known as financial backer will receive, each night of representation, a ticket of cabin..."(Beek notary, BRH, flight. XXV, 154). On the section of the street Our-injury that one called "street of Récollets", between McGill and Saint-Pierre, only the batch close to Louis Foureur says Champagne corresponds to description. It is until 1810 in the name of Proulx, who occupies the back part, on Saint-Jacob. The current street of Récollets was open in 1818.

1811 National Archives of Canada film #H-1758 (RG4B19Vol1) page 7 John G. Beek Montreal Jury Lists

1813 National Archives of Canada film #H-1758 (RG4B19Vol1) page 42 John G. Beek 1813 Montreal Jury Lists

1824 Land sale between Alexander Fraser, Captain of His Majesty's 34 Regiment of Foot and Rev. John Young. At the bottom is mentioned that John G. Beek being dead by Dec. 10, 1824, his assistant is named on the document Bte. Deseve

1825 National Archives of Canada film #C-718 page 2081-2100 (widow) Beek 1825 Census Montreal Living in Montreal Co., City Montreal

The following is an unrelated bit of information.... possibly a Beek of the Bermuda line.
John Hubbell served as Lieutenant in Capt. Jonathan
    Dimons' Company of Fairfield, Connecticut, Col. Beek's
    Regiment, 1775 and in Capt. Sterling's Company, 1777
    when the Company was ordered to reinforce General
    Putnam on the Hudson.

CORNELIS, son of Hendrick, received a chirurgeon's certificate in 1661, from Jacob D'Hinsse of Albany, with whom he studied medicine four years. He practiced his profession in Albany until his death in 1686. His first wife was Elisabeth Lakens; the second, Elisabeth Beek, wid. of Capt. Sylvester Salisbury; after Van Dyck's death, she m. Capt. George Bradshaw, Oct. 29, 1691; in 1692 she was again a wid., and was deceased in 1701. Ch: Hendrick, chirurgeon, settled in Albany; Jacobus; Alida, bp. Apr. 20, 1684, in Albany; Elisabeth, bp. Aug. 22, 1686, in Albany. [See Albany Families.]

The broken cannon above mentioned were probably iron cannon. In a recently published pamphlet relating to Fort Chartres, by Dr. J. F. Snyder, we are informed that "five cannon were taken from the ruins of Fort Chartres in 1812, by Gov. Ninian Edwards, and mounted on Fort Russell, a mile and a half from the present city of Edwardsville, Ill. One of them was bursted when fired in celebration of Gen. Jackson's victory at New Orleans, in January, 1815. Of the other four, no trace can be found."

In 1820 Dr. Lewis 0. Beek and Nicholas Hansen, of Illinois, made a careful survey and drawing of the plan of the old fortress, for insertion in Beck's "Gazetteer of Illinois and Missouri." At that time many of the rooms and cellars in the building, and portions of the outside walls showing the opening for the main gate and loop-holes for the musketry, were still in a fair state of preservation. According to their measurements, the whole exterior line of the walls and bastions was 1447 feet. The walls, built of solid stone, were in some places 15 feet high, and the area of the fort embraced about four acres.

On April 11, 1801, John Dease's son, John Warren Dease, signed a contract to work for Simon McTavish, et al, and the North West Company, in the Montreal office of Notary Joseph Beek (Notarial Act # 1565). Was this an attempt to follow in his father's footsteps?

Burial location unknown.. did check with the Cathedral Archivist Montreal who stated that the burial grounds where he was probably interred were abandoned in 1851 and the graves are no longer estant.

From the website completing the architectural landscape of the city over the years.
Beek, John Gerrand masculine b.1738 Jan. 1 deceased 1822 Dec. 4 Occupation notary, in 1805
Properties Rue Notre-Dame, south form 1795/10/03 to 1805/01/02 Proprietor of Parcel # 30253 number #291 on Notore-Dame street south between St. Pean Baptste and St. Gabriel Streets.
Consisting of 3 building a hom 1566.00 pi2 pierre inconnu wood d'Upendand 392 and Upendance 810 p. pierre.1 Barsalou Pierre and 2. Dulongpre Louis.??
John Gerbrand Beek not married (maybe in 1805 because wife had died) ( info from P. Chartrand June 2007 and confirmed from personal viewing)

Gen WEB Montreal has Notaries of the District of Montreal before 1900, and the names were found
Beek, J. G. 1781-1822 (years of practice)
Lindsay, Joseph Beek, 1823-1827 (the son of William and Louise Marie) (from P. Chartrand June 2007)

from site
10578 Beek, John Gerbrand 1781-1786
10579 Beek, John Gerbrand 1786-1791
10580 Beek, John Gerbrand, 1792-1800 (info from Pierre Chartrand June 2007)

from site, John Gerbrand Beek in the testament of John Gibson Captain and Comander of the ship "Integrity", 13 August 1790. Signed by John Silly and J. G. Beek notary public. (info from Pierre Chartrand June 2007)

From Pierre Chartrand July 2007
BanQ non-Catholic Montreal Deaths Burials Christ Anglican Church,
Dec. 6, Beck buried John Gerbrand Beck Esqr. at Montreal, Notary Pubic. died the fourth day of December 1822 Age 84 years and was buried the sixth following, by me ,
John Bethune Rector.... Witnesses Joshua Petton and Wm. Harrison.

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Note for:   Alice Ann Elizabeth Jardine,   ABT 1908 - 25 MAY 1997         Index

Individual Note:
     Listed as Alice Anna Elizabeth Jardine on marriage certificate

Some conflict as to birth date.

Obituary Miramichi Press Alice A. Beek
Mrs. Alice A. Beek, widow of the late Petley Beek, of the Miramichi. Senior Citizens Home, passed away at her residence on Sunday, May 25, 1997, at the Age of 83?
Born in Chatham , she was the daughter of the late W. Milford and Maude (Reid) Jardine. She was a homemaker and former clerk. She attended Bethel United Church, Miramichi, and was an honorary member of the UCW.
She is survived by her daughter-in-law Mrs. Marie (Flanagan) Beek of Moncton, three grandsons, Terry and his wife, Bonnie, Gary and Brian Beek, all of Moncton, one great grandson Ryan Beek of Moncton and a daughter in-law Mrs. Florence Jardine, of Miramichi ,..... Eunice Judson of Riverview, as well as many nieces and nephews.
     She was the last living member of her immediate family and being predeceased by her husband Petley; one son James Beek, one sister, Mrs. Edith MacFarlane and brothers Roy, Weldon, Jack and Leslie Jardine.
The remains rested at Adams Funeral Home. Funeral service was held at Bethel United Church on Wednesday, May 28 at 2 om with Wendell Gregan officiating. The organist was Jacqueline Ross and the hymns were What a Friend We Have in Jesus and How Great Thou Art.
The pallbearers Were Grant Jardine, Clarence Comeau, Ray Carter and Bud Jardine. Interment was in the Moorerfield Cemetery. Funeral arrangements were by Adams Funeral Parlor of Miramichi.

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Note for:   J. H. Beek,    - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Found in the "People of Ontario 1600-1900" 06 p46 1984 V.001 C588 Beek, J. H. living year - 1876 #0X1-7 Oxford County Record of Land Purchase Directory.

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Note for:   Harry Beeks,    - AFT 1901         Index

Individual Note:
     Harry Beeks
Book "The Western Canadians 1600-1900" (no relationship yet established to target family)
Beeks, Harry prospector 1901 Dawson Yukon (YT1-103 Gazetteer)

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Note for:   Louisa Marie Beek,   6 FEB 1769 - 22 JUN 1848         Index

     Type:   Baptised
     Date:   28 FEB 1769
     Place:   Montreal QUE CN

Individual Note:
Registry entry Cathedral
Archivist Montreal Baptized February 28, 1769 of parents John and Margaret Beek
    Toronto Globe report Wednesday, 28 June 1848
On Thursday, (June 22) 2nd inst., at St. Jeans sur Richelieu, C.E. (Canada East, now Quebec), at the residence of her son, Louisa Maria Beek, widow of the late William Lindsay, Collector of Customs, at that port, aged 80 years.

By the naming of a son John Gerband Beek Lindsay, we can be sure that Louisa Maria Beek is the daughter of John Gerband Beek of Montreal.

In Cornwall, Ontario there is a retirement residence named the Beek/Lindsay House. (believed named after her son a Minister)


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Note for:   William Beek,   22 SEP 1897 - JUN 1956         Index

Individual Note:
     Seen on the 1901 Census at the home of Charles Hubert Beek and wife Martha Jane Gilks and was their grandson.

Index to Death Certificates New Brunswick Name BEEK, WILLIAM Sex M (unconfirmed)
Date 1956 | 08 | 15 (Y-M-D) County YORK Registration 3882 Microfilm F20852

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Note for:   James S. White,   ABT 1891 - 23 MAR 1892         Index

Individual Note:
Died age 1. NB Archives Death records Vol. 4 # 797 Film # F20-741( mother probably 44 when birth took place)
There is already a James S. White in the family b. 1873... so unsure if this individual belongs to this family

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Note for:   Alexander Leslie,    - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Marriage Alexander Leslie and Mary Ann Nyhan, both of St. Mary's York County NB CN married by banns by John Turnbull, Church of Scotland Minister, 10 April 1843
Witnesses Miles McMillan and Timothy Nyland Dr. Ester

Unclear if this is the marriage of the father or son Alexander Leslie

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Note for:   John Eddy,    - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     John Eddy married Isabella Leslie, St. Mary's Chatham married by licence by Robert Doak J. P. Witnesses Alexander Leslie and Alexander McMillan

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Note for:   Mary F. Leslie,    - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     Married Charles Kierstead with approval of guardian so assume she was under age at time of marriage in 1863