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Note for:   Grace Beek,   ABT 1864 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     GRACE BEEK B. ABT 1865
Index to New Brunswick Marriages (fairly confident as target)
Name BEEK, GRACE Married SHAW, GEORGE F. Date 1889 | 06 | 15 (Y-M-D)
County YORK Parish ---- Number 87 Reference B2b Microfilm F13388

1913 Grace Albertson of Bath Maine sold Joseph Beek's property at Blissfield to a Mitchell (relationship not confirmed)Grace Beek
This may be the daughter of Joseph Beek b. 1839 and Margaret Nancy Pratt of Ludlow. Unconfirmed.

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Note for:   Clarence W Beek,   DEC 1873 - 11 DEC 1955         Index

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1900 US Census Larimore City Grand Forks North Dakota Enumerated June 17, 1909?, Sup District 199, Enum District 72, Pate? Ave. #18 #19
Clarence W. Beek boarding b. Dec. 1873 age 26 single b. New York, father b. New Brunswick mother b. Scotland. attorney.
(Unclear why so many of this family went to North Dakota.)

WWI Draft Army US Clarence W. Beek Minnesota, Minneapolis #119 A4854
830 17th Ave North Minneapolis Minnesota age 45 b. Dec. 19, 1872 Occupation Adjuster for Mudson Manufacturing Co. 324 3rd Ave. North Minneapolis Minnesota.
Next of kin Emma Pauline Beek 830 17th Ave. North Minneapolis Minnesota
Personal info, tall medium build, blue eyes, gray hair.

1910 Census Minneapolis, Minnesota, Wart 5 Hennepin Sheet 8A Enumerated 26 April 1910 Sup District 5, Enum District 97 9th St. South #607 #965 #140
Clarence W. Beek age 33 b. 1877? New York head salesman hardware father b. Canada English mother b. Scotland.
Emma P Beek wife age 33 b. Sweden parents b. Sweden.

1920 Census Minneapolis, Minnesota Ward 3 Part of Precinct 10 image 210-M 423 17th Ave. #830 #142 #213
Clarence W . Beck (Beek)renting head age 47 b. 1873 in New York, father b. Canada of Irish origin, mother b. in Connecticut? Scottish origin an adjuster (column that gives who he works for is hard to read)
Emma Beck (Beek) wife age 43 immigrated 1889? naturalized 1902 b.Sweden, parents b. Sweden.

1930 Census Hennepin Minneapolis, Minnesota Enum District 27-192 Supervisory District 6th Sheet 20A Enumerated April 10, 1930 #4135 #287 #287
Beek, Clarence head owns hour $4900 age 58 widower (hard to read scratched out) married 30 years b. New York father b. New York, mother b. Pennsylvania. not working.
Hill, Alma, servant age 39? widow (hard to read scratched out) married 21 b. Minnesota parents b. Sweden housekeeper.

Death Information from Roll 167552 State #005183 Record 1291251 Clarence W. Beek died Dec. 11, 1955 Hennepin Minnesota. Mother's maiden name MacMichael

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Note for:   Lydia Ann Lockhart,   10 NOV 1823 - 30 NOV 1894         Index

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     Lydia Lockhart
Birth: 10 NOV 1823 Of, Granville, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada (birth also given as Nov. 10, 1822)
(birth place also given as Horton, Kings Co. Nova Scotia , Canada and OF Granville , Annapolis, Nova Scotia.
Spouse: Stephen Thorne
Source Information: LDS Film Number: 455309


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Note for:   Rhoda Anna Beek,   15 JUL 1884 - 28 SEP 1979         Index

     Date:   1979
     Place:   Baptist Ce. Ludlow,NB CN

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Note for:   Millie Minnie Beek,   3 JAN 1899 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Milly Beek (possibly Mildred)
On 1901 Census 2 years old.

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Note for:   Nancy J Beek,   23 FEB 1889 - 24 OCT 1913         Index

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     Apparently died of kidney disease related to diabetes. Burial Old Anglican Cemetery, Doaktown, NB

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Note for:   James Beek,   AUG 1880 - UNKNOWN         Index

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Census 1891 Blissfield Northumberland Co, District 17 or 19 C- Blissfield Division April 20, 1891
14 people on the Storey family census and included was:
Beek, James male age 11 farm W 1/3 house 65 Church of England , could not read or write, born in N.B. both parents born in N.B.
(likely worked for the Storey family)

1901 Census has James Beek age 20, Northumberland Blissfield C1 24 at home of
21 27 Betts Benjaman M Head M May 1841 age 60
22 27 Betts Maggie F Wife M Dec 23 1852 age 49
23 27 Beck James M Son in his ? S Aug 1881 age 20
24 27 Story Gordon M Son of wife S Jan 1 1890 age 11
25 27 Betts Ivy F Daughter S Apr 24 1897 age 3

1911 Census New Brunswick Canda District 30 Northumberland Sup District 25, Enum. District 20 Enumerated June 15, 1911, place 2, family 2
Lyons, Freeman of Ludlow, male head single b. Feb. 1894 age 17 b. NB, English Canadian Methodist labourer at lumber yard?
Lyons, Dora female sister single b. June 1892 age 19 b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist, housekeeper
Lyons, Grace, female sister single b. July 1899 age 12 b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist
Lyons, Mary? female sister single b. March 1901 age 10, b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist
Lyons, Helen female sister single b. May 1909 age 2, b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist
Beek, James male father in law (assume stepfather) married b. August 1882 age 31 b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist, labourer (where is hard to read)
Beek, Margaret female mother married b. Oct. 1872 age 39 b. b. NB, English Canadian, Methodist housekeeper (something written after that but unreadable)

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Note for:   John Beek,   ABT 1619 - 17 APR 1696         Index

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Offspring dates of birth are really baptism dates. St. Johns Church Pembroke, Bermuda
Death date for John Beek from deposition Deeds, Bonds 3,1:38

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Note for:   John Pugh Beek,   6 OCT 1839 - BEF 1894         Index

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     JOHN Pugh BEEK
Hutchison Directories and 1865-66 & 1868 John Beek carriage maker Water and Marks St. St. Stephen Charlotte Co. NB CN

Newspaper information October 18, 1876 Daily Telegram
James Davidson found dead, on shore near wharf (verdict found drowned) John Beek was a juryman at inquest St. John. (unsure if right John Beek)

1881 Census St Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick Family History Library Film 1375815
     NA Film Number C-13179 District 26 Sub-district J Page Number 58 Household Number 301
     Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
    John P. BEEK M Male Irish 41 N. B. House Carpenter C. Methodist
    Mary J. BEEK M Female Irish 41 N. B. C. Methodist
    Fred H. BEEK Male Irish 16 N. B. Blacksmith C. Methodist
    John F. BEEK Male Irish 15 N. B. C. Methodist
    James A. BEEK Male Irish 13 N. B. Telegraph Office C. Methodist
    Abram G. B. BEEK Male Irish 11 N. B. C. Methodist
(note: second and first names are altered or exchanged from previous info)

J. Pew (believed to be Pugh, mother's maiden name) Beek was a great ice skater and would compete on the river between St. Stephens and the US. Left the family and went to the gold rush in Eureka California and never returned. He had 4 sons. one son was a blacksmith for sultry (sulky) horses. He send back money and gold so the sons could go to college and private school. The ancestors were tanners who sided with Britain in War of 1812 and returned to Canada from Boston. Information is from Jennifer Mott Palermo, Seaville, NJ

Census 1900 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Ward 33 District 842 Sup District 1 Enumerator District 840 BC?
Enumerated June 2/4/1900
At home 309 62 57 Somerset St.
Byard, Samuel head b. Michigan 1855 age 45 married 17? years b. England and parents arrived 1882 glove knitter (married twice?)
Byard, Mary G. wife b. 1864 age 36 married 7 years had 1 kid and 1 alive .
Byard, Edgar son messenger in mill age 17 b. 1883 May b. Pennsylvania, parents b. England.
John P. Beek nephew b. Dec. 1881 age 18 single b. NJ parents b. England occupation unreadable... but he could be attending school?
(relationship not known)

In USA at time of father Francis Beek's death.

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Note for:   Mary Elizabeth Beek,   6 JAN 1842 - UNKNOWN         Index

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Birth January 6, 1842 Ref. # AEK174907 Charlotte Co, NB CN

Name was given as Alice Mary Beek on Marriage application.

Census Place Prince Ward, Saint John, Saint John, New Brunswick (not confirmed as target)
     Family History Library Film 1375814 NA Film Number C-13178 District 24 Sub-district A
     Division 2 Page Number 32 Household Number 162
Elizabeth TURNER Widowed Female English 39 New Brunswick Tailoress Church of England
    Joseph TURNER Male English 10 New Brunswick Church of England


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Note for:   Mary Beek,    - 15 DEC 1815         Index

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     Burial Information from West Cork Heritage Center , received 1995
This may be Mary Sullivan Beek wife of Joseph Beek b. 1776 who died in child birth (Henry S. Beek was born Dec. 12, 1815) Burial information for Kilbrogan Parish records.

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Note for:   Margaret Jane Pugh,   ABT 1809 - 23 JUL 1899         Index

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Margaret J. Pugh Beek arrived 1830 age 43 Methodist to NB location St. Stephen NB, from Cork Ireland. (unsure where this info came from- questionable)

JULY 27, 1899 St Croix Courier
DIED : BEEK - At St. Stephen, July 23rd, Mrs. Margraet J. Beek, aged 91 years.

The following is from the New Brunswick Archives, July 2006
"Margaret Jane Pugh came to New Brunswick in 1819 with her father Richard Pugh, her mother, Jane, her sister Harriet and her brothers William and John. Her name is listed in the Auditors Receipt Book kept by F. P. Robinson in 1828. Margaret Jane is mentioned in her father's will as the wife of Francis Beek. Her marriage is recorded incorrectly by Rev. George McCauley as Missionary at Fredericton, the 15th day of September 1829. Francis Beek and Harriet Pue are recorded as being married Dec. 30, 1828. Harriet married Ezekiel Savage July 18, 1833. and deeds have Harriet as the wife of Ezekiel Savage. Census and the will of Richard have Margaret Jans as the wife of Francis Beek. George L Pugh used to speak about visiting his Aunt Margaret in St. Stephen. Francis Beek was a wheelwright and of Irish ancestry. Margaret and Francis Beek are recorded in the St. Stephen censuses of 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881"
(Auditors Receipt Book New Brunswick Museum St. John., Land Deeds, York Co., Book 21, page 649, York Co. Marriage Records, Charlotte Co. Censuses)

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Note for:   Henry A. Beek,   1829 - 25 AUG 1845         Index

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     Aug. 30/1845 NBC New Brunswick Courier St. John 79(d) F
Henry A Beek age 16 Salisbury (West Co.) was accidentally shot through the head by discharge of a gun in the hands of George Lewis on morn of 25th ult.

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Note for:   Samuel Isaac Garrison,    - UNKNOWN         Index

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     was a Captain in St. John NB CN 1847 at time of marriage of youngest daughter Mary Elizabeth.