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Note for:   John Beke,   BEF 1230 - ABT 1303         Index

Individual Note:
     John Beke alias Beek
Information from LDS Ancestry File #9Q84-1C User ID 75890946
Of Eresby, Lincolnshire, ENG A man of some importance.
Knight, Barron, free warren in Spilsbey in 1255
Grant of fair 1259
Grant of lands at Repton Daley 1268
Licence to crenellate Eresby 1276
Summoned to parliament 1283
Made his will 1301

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Note for:   Margaret Cluson,   ABT 1852 - UNKNOWN         Index

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Land changing hands Courthouse Newcastle NB CN
July 22, 1872 Grantee Margaret Beek wife of James Beek Grantor Joseph Beek Sr. Vol 59, page 366 deed Blissville, Northumberland County, New Brunswick, Canada.

There is a marriage Benjamin Betts married a Maggie Clusson , and recorded as well marrying a Maggie Beek Feb. 13, 1894... This appears to be a second marriage for Margaret Clusson.

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Note for:   John Wellington Gilbert,   25 FEB 1838 - 19 OCT 1909         Index

     Date:   1909
     Place:   Carlisle Cemetery, Douglas, York, NB CN

Individual Note:
LDS Pedigree information see Sarah Beek
(Birth year of John Gilbert varies from 1838 to 1845.1838 seems to be the most likely birth year.
Information on the offspring of John Gilbert is from Mrs Mildred Munsey and her book "A Munsey-Wood Genealogy" Several of the children were baptised 22 Nov. 1891 in houlton Maine Church of the Good Schepherd by C W. Cully Rector

1881 Census Place Douglas, York, New Brunswick Family History Library Film 1375818
NA Film Number C-13182 District 30 Sub-district P Division 1 Page Number 16 Household # 71
    John GILBERT M Male English 41 New Brunswick Farmer F C Baptist
    Sarah GILBERT M Female Scottish 36 New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist
    Jacob GILBERT Male English 12 New Brunswick F C Bapti
    Manford GILBERT Male English 9 New Brunswick F C Baptist
    Harry GILBERT Male English 7 New Brunswick F C Bapti
    Gertrude GILBERT Female English 5 New Brunswick F C Baptist
    Isabella GILBERT Female English 2 New Brunswick F C Baptist

John Wellington GILBERT,2 son of Josiah "Joseph" GILBERT and Susanna "Susan" Ann YERXA , was born in 1843 in Douglas, York Co., New Brunswick, Canada 2 and died on 19 Oct 1908 in Douglas, York Co., New Brunswick, Canada 2 at age 65.
John married Sarah BEEK .

1901 Census York Co, Douglas NB CN (unsure relationship)
43 80 Gilbert Winslow M Head M Dec 1856 54 1901
44 80 Gilbert Susan F Wife M Jun 1869 42 1901
45 80 Gilbert Harold M Son S Mar 1892 19 1901
46 80 Gilbert Burleigh M Son S Apr 1894 17 1901
47 80 Gilbert Dawson M Son S Jun 1898 13 1901
48 80 Gilbert Mildred F Daughter S Dec 1902 8 1901

1901 Census Douglas York Co. NB CN (John Gilbert and Sarah Beek Gilbert and neighbours)
     32 97 Gilbert Benjiman M Head M Feb 10 1851 50
     33 97 Gilbert Elscey E F Wife M Jul 30 1840 60
     34 98 Gilbert John M Head M Feb 25 1838 62 ****
     35 98 Gilbert Sarah F Wife M farmer 1844 56 *****
     36 99 McGibbon Jemima F Head W Sep 27 1850 50
     37 99 Gilbert Parker M Son S Mar 4 1877 24
     38 99 McGibbon Garner M Son S Aug 2 1889 11
     39 99 McGibbon Susan F Daughter S Aug 16 1891 9
     40 99 McGibbon Archie M Son S Jun 8 1893 7

Other children are listed for Sarah Beek and John W. Gilbert, Kenneth b. about 1877 and Ethel b. about 1881. They are unconfirmed offspring

John Wellington Gilbert : Buried in Carlisle Cemetery, Douglas, York County NB CN date not given.

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Note for:   Hiram G. Austin,   1 AUG 1849 - AFT 1901         Index

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1871 Census District 184 Subdistrict Blissfield Division 1, house 44, family 46, Northumberland Co, New Brunswick, Canada
Beek, Alexander male age 30 born N.B. married Methodist Irish origin, farmer
Beek, Sarah A. female age 30 born N.B. married Methodist Irish origin, wife
Beek, Elva female age 5 born N.B.
Beek, Sarah E. female age 3 born N.B.
Austin, Hiram age 22 farm worker.****
Austin, Eliza age 22 (This is Eliza Beek, sister of Alexander Beek with her husband.) unsure if a child?= Alex

1901 Census NB Northumberland Co. Ludlow page 1 District 76 Poll Subdivision 2
Enumerated April 1, 1901 House #2 #2
Austin, Hiram head married b. 1 Aug 1849 age 52 b. NB English, Canadian, Church of England farmer
Austin, Gertrude daughter single b. 11 July 1876 age 25 (same birth info and religion for whole family)
Austin, Harvy C. son singe b. 21 January 1879 age 22 labourer
Austin, Charlotte daughter b. 26 March 1885 age 16
Austin, Frank E son b. 30 March 1887 age 14 farmers son
Austin, Clarence b. 27 July 1891 age 10
Austin, Cora Ella daughter b. 4 July 1894 age 7
Austin, Mary J b May 8, 1883 age 18
Austin, Eliza wife b. 6 Nov. 1848 age 53 of Irish descent.

Not found on the 1911 Census for Canada.

1880 Census Place Shenandoah, Page County, Iowa Family History Library Film 1254358 District 152 page 14 Supervisor District 3 Enumeration District 152 Enumerated July 1, 1880 NA Film Number T9-0358 Page Number 388B (relation to target family unknown and unlikely)
    U. A. AUSTIN Self M Male W 36 b. NY Brickmason father b. NY mother b. CAN (not confirmed as target)
    Eliza AUSTIN Wife M Female W 34 b. CAN Keeping House father b. SCOT mother b. ENG
    L. E. AUSTIN Dau S Female W 11 b. IA father b. NY mother b. CAN
    C. B. AUSTIN Son S Male W 8 b. IA NY CAN
    B. AUSTIN Dau S Female W 4 b. IA NY CAN
    G. B. AUSTIN Dau S Female W 1 b. IA NY CAN
    Lois AUSTIN Mother W Female W 73 b. CAN CT MA

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Note for:   Charles Herbert Beek,   11 MAR 1852 - 19 AUG 1932         Index

Individual Note:
Keystone page for the family. There are some confusions.
The families Charles Beek married to Martha Jane Vickers and Charles Beek married to Mary Frances Gilks may have some info confused even after attempts to correct the problem.

Charles Beek and wife Jane are living with Charles' father Joseph on 1881 Census
1881 Census Place Blissfield, Northumberland, New Brunswick Family History Library Film 1375821
NA Film Number C-13185 District 35 Sub-district F Division 1 Page Number 20 Household # 71
    Joseph BECK M Male English 80 Ireland Farmer Church of England (should be BEEK)
    Ann BECK M Female Scottish 56 New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist
    Charles BECK Married Male English 27 New Brunswick Farmer Wesleyan Methodist
    Jane BECK Married Female English 28 New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist VICKERS
    Charles BECK Male English 5 New Brunswick Wesleyan Methodist
    Herbet BECK Male English 14 New Brunswick Farmer son Wesleyan Methodist
(unsure who Herbet's (alias Herbert) parents are believed retarded, at least labelled.)

Census 1891 Blissfield House W 1/3 Family 66
Beek, Charles, male age 39 married born N.B. country of birth of father, Ireland, country of birth of mother N.B. Church of England , labourer wage earner couldn't read or write
Martha J. female, wife, age 38 born N.B. father born in England, mother born in N.B. could read and write (VICKERS)
Annie F. age 72 widow mother, born in N.B, father born in Scotland, mother born in Scotland.
Charles H. male age 15 son born in NB parents born in NB could read and write
Hannah F. age 8 daughter born in NB parents born in NB could read and write
Rhoda A. female daughter age 6 b. NB
Scotty male son age 6 (possible twins?) b. NB
Nancy J. female age 2 daughter b. NB
Herbert M. age 25 relation to head same as other unreadable ones e.g. related swimn? and in "unsound mind" category.

He was a large man. (info from Jack MacDonald)
On birth of son Charles Henry 1876, he is recorded as a farmer.

Census 1901 Blissfield Northumberland Co. New Brunswick Canada census they spelled the name "Beek" , Beck
    Charles Herbert Beek Head age 49 b. NB
    Martha Jane Beek wife age 48 (VICKERS) b. NB
    Rhoda Beek daughter age 17 b. NB
    Scott Beek son age 15 b. NB
    Nancy Beek daughter age 12 b. NB
    Cornelius Beek son age 10 b. NB
    Charles Beek son married age 25 b. NB
    Mary Francis Beek married wife of age 27 b. NB ( daughter-in-law - nee Vickers- Charles' age 25 wife.)
    William Beek son age 3 b. NB (grandson to head of house)
    Edna O Beek daughter age 2 b. NB (granddaughter to head of house)
    Bernard R Beek son age 1 b. NB (grandson to head of house)
    Catherine A Vickers lodger age 8 (unclear relationship to maternal side)
    Annie Arbo lodger age 17 (unclear relationship, possibly servant)
(Note from Colleen Donnelly: The children with ages of 3,2 and 1 are not the head of the household children. It should have read "grandchildren". They are Charles and Mary Francis Beek's children. Northumberland District, New Brunswick Census 1901. "Beek"
will not come up, Beak, Beck will. There are a few Gilks too.)

1901 Census NB NORTHUMBERLAND (#19) New Brunswick Canada (as it appears on the internet)
Subdistrict: Blissfield c Page 6 Images are from National Archives Web Site Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6442
17 20 Beek Charles M Head M birth day Mar 11 1852 age 49 PANB
18 20 Beek Jane F Wife M Sep 22 1853 age 48 PANB GILKS
19 20 Beek Charles M Son M Jan 4 1874 age 25 PANB
20 20 Beek Rhoda F Daughter S Jul 15 1884 age 17 PANB
21 20 Beek Scott M Son S Feb 15 1886 age 15 PANB
22 20 Beek Nancy F Daughter S Feb 23 1889 age 12 PANB
23 20 Beek Cornelius M Son S Nov 13 1891 age 10 PANB Links
24 20 Beek William M Son S Sep 22 1897 age 3 PANB
25 20 Beek Francis M Wife Son's M Oct 4 1874 age 27 PANB VICKERS
26 20 Beek O Edna F Daughter S Aug 6 1898 age 2 PANB
27 20 Beek R Bernard M Son S Oct 9 1900 age 1
3 28 20 Vickers A Catherin F Lodger S Apr 21 1893 age 8
3 29 20 Arbo Annie F Lodger S Feb 1 1884 age 17

The copy of the 1911 census is very poor. Have a copy but not readable, found Feb. 2006
1911 Census Canada New Brunswick Northumberland, Sub-District 9, Blissfield Parish, Doaktown Enumerated June 11/12, page 13 #156 #107
Beek, Charles Sr. male, head married b. March 1851, age 60, b. New Brunswick, English Canadian, English , labourer, - yes- lumber woods 28-60-238 at end no no E
Beek, Mrs. female, wife married b. September 1854, age 57, b. New Brunswick, English, Canadian, English, none, at end, yes yes E
Beek, Scott, male, son single b. February 1886, New Brunswick English, Canadian, English labourer, -yes- lumber in woods 28-60-240 at end yes yes E
Beek, Neil, male, son, single, b. November 1891, age 20 b. NB English, Canadian, English labourer lumber in woods
Beek, Nancy, female, daughter, single, b. February 1889, age 22
Beek, Williamina?, female, daughter single, b. September 1897, age 14

On same page, 2 houses away, of the 1911 census at home of Crocker, Mrs. Christine is
#188 #109 Beek, Addie male boarder single b. March 1873, age 38 b. New Brunswick , English, Canadian, English labourer, lumber in woods 28- 60- 300 at end no no E
#189 #110 Beek Maggie head married b. December 1807 (year or birth must be incorrect) age 60, b. N.B. English Canadian Baptist not working, at end no no E.
(rest of people listed are her offspring named Gordon and Isaac)

Contact made with Charles Beek's granddaughter by email Sylvia Beek Woodcock March 2004
She confirmed her relationship to the target family.
The following is a record of info sent regarding this family. Many thanks to the contributor.
FR. CHARLES HERBERT BEEK - MARTHA "JANE" GILKS (The following info from a relative)
        b: 3-11-1852 d: 8-19-1932 b: 9-22-1853 d: 1-27-1939 m:

        b: 1-4-1876 d: 8-19-1936 b: 10-4-1874 d: 9-21-1944 m: 6-1-1898
    Charles Henry is the son of Charles Herbert Beek & Martha Jane Gilks-Beek. Charles Henry is married to Mary Francis Vickers. All four of them are buried in the Old St. Andrew's Anglican Church cemetery in Doaktown, N.B. in the same row. Without a headstone. My cousin Belva Lyons-Brown and I are collecting money to place a proper headstone in their honor.
1901 Census Residents of Blissfield NB CN
Beek Charles 49 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 17
Beek Jane 48 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 18
Beek Charles 25 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 19
Beek Rhoda 17 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 20
Beek Scott 15 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 21
Beek Nancy 12 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 22
Beek Cornelius 10 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 23
Beek William 3 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 24
Beek Francis 27 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 25
Beek O Edna 2 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 26
Beek R Bernard 1 NB NORTHUMBERLAND Blissfield c 3 27

CHILDREN of Charlie and Francis:
Kathleen Anne "Katie" Vickers b: 4-21-1892 Blackville (biological f. Daniel Quilby. Charlie raised) d: 1979 m: 6-28-1911 in Ludlow to William B. Price 1890-1969
        Her children: Edmund Price m: Freeda Pri
        Sadie Price b:1915 m: Thomas O'Donnell 1907-1968
        Francis Price b: 1913 m: Cecil Price 1910-1993
        Ena Price m: Donald Ames
        Clement Price m: Vesta Munn
        Baby Gladys Price d: 1932

Edna A. Beek b: 8-6-1898 d: 1984 m: 7-12-1913 in Fredericton, N.B. to Ernest E. Storey
children died: Helen Gracie Storey 1913
        Glenna Viola Storey 1925 to 1-21-19
        Alma Storey
        Kassie Storey m: Marshall
        Albert Storey m: Rose Storey
        Greta Storey m: James Thomas

Bernard R. Beek b: 10-9-1900? Is this suppose to be 1899? d: ? m: to Elsie Austin
His children: Raymond Beek
        Bonner Beek 1926-1984
        Eugene Beek
        Majorie Beek-Carr 11-18-1927 to 11-29-19
        Louise Beek-Palmer
        Joannie Beek

Millet Alexander Beek b: 4-4-1901 in Doaktown, N.B. d: 1982
m: 12-31-1936 to Mary Hilda Comeau b: 10-15-1910 to d: 7-28-2001
Children: Delores E. Beek b: 12-4-1939 d: 9-18-1942 of acute asth
        Clinton Beek m: Geraldine Beek
        Wallace Beek m: Gail Miner
        Helena Beek m: Willis McAlwee
        Frances Ann Beek m: Winston Price
        Henry Beek

Walter Dunham Beek b: 1-25-1906 in Doaktown, N. B. d. 1969
m: 3-27-1929 to Eunice Ward in Doaktown, N.B.
children: Patience 12-21-1930 to 2-21-1995
        Catherine Beek b: 6-18-1932 m: Lindsey Curtis
        Elroy Beek b: 4-19-1935 m: Alice Mae Elliott
        Ward Walter Beek b: 5-12-1936 m: Frances Armitage
        Walter Beek 7-20-1942 m: Loretta

Rhoda Emaline Beek b: 5-13-1907 in Doaktown N.B. : 1993
m: 10-10-1925 in Boiestown, N. B. to George Melvin Robinson b: 8-2-1903 d: 1989
children: Raymond Robinson m: Joyce
        Gracie Robinson m: Frank Langton
        Sadie Robinson m: Henry Lyons
        Charles Robinson m: Betty Dorcas
        Elva Robinson b: 1931 m: 6-27-1951 to Robert J. Vickers

Pansy Anna Beek b: 4-4-1909 in Ludlow, N. B. d: 7-31-1976 in Fredericton, N. B.
m: 4-18-1931 in Doaktown, N. B. to Allen Elroy Donnelly b: 12-15-1903 d: 9-1-1997
Children: Elby W. Donnelly(Shirley MacRae) b:1-9-1925
        a*) Grant, Brain, Katherine & Marvin 1946-19
        Rex E. Donnelly b:12-11-1926 (twins)
        Roy Millet Donnelly b: 12-11-1926 (twins) d: 4-24-1927 premature
        Evelyn Francis Donnelly b: 7-22-1928 d: 3-14-1939 (private)
        Norma Clara Donnelly (John J. Moore) b: 9-1-1929
        b*) James Michael Moore
        Glenn Henry Donnelly b: 12-30-1930 d:11-16- 1989 in Seattle, WA (private)
        c*) Colleen Marie, Patrick Glenn
        Alice Ruby Donnelly-Kostiuk b: 4-25-1935
        d*) Lunn, Timothy, Belva, Merva, Jeffrey, Brent, Peter ( father is Alvin Harold Lyons)

Honner Mae Beek b: 1912 d: 12-26-1982 m: 9-8-1937 to James Otis Storey 1907-1958
a*) Grant Donnelly (private) m: Sylvia
        children: Latisha (private) , Kelley (private) & Scott (private)
        Brian Donnelly (private) m: Pam
        Children: Jeff, Krista (private) , Selena (private)
        Marvin Donnelly 1946-1994 m: Judith
        children: Kari (private) , Heather (private) & Mark (privat
        Katherine Donnelly b: 1955 m: Brain McLenaghan d: 1986; m: Doug Jardine
        children: Kelsey McLenaghan (private)

b*) James Michael Moore m: Norma
        children: Peter (private) , Christopher (private)

c*) Colleen Marie Donnelly (private) in Seattle m: (private) Generoso G. Tandiama
        Generoso adopted Stacy & Stephanie
        children: Stacy Marie Tandiama (private) m: (private) Joseph Michael Popich (private)
        Stephanie Michel Tandiama (privat
        Generoso Michael-Donnelly Tandiama (private)
        Scott Donnelly Tandiama b: & d: 2-9-1992
        Patrick Glenn Donnelly (private) in Seatt
        Children: Patrick Ryan Donnelly (privat
        Desiree' Rose Donnelly (privat
        Steven Troy Donnelly (private)
d*) Lunn Michael Lyons (private) m: (private) Sherry Anne Searson (private)
        children of Lunn: Jordan Matthew Lyons (private) , Sean Connor Lyons (private) , Jaclyn Fern Lyons,
        Lunn Michal Allen Lyons, Cindi Lyons-Mitchell

        Timothy Harold Lyons (private) m: (private) Diana McKenna
        children: Tara Lee Lyons (private) , Steven Michael Lyons (private)

        Merva Ruth Lyons (private) never married nor children

        Jeffrey Owen Lyons (private) m: (private) Karla Carruthe
        children: Jerome Jeffrey Lyons (privat
        Brittney Helen Lyons (private)

        Cyrus Brent Lyons (private) m: (private) Carol Doerkson
        children: Sarah Ruth Lyons (privat
        Naomi Hannah Carol Lyons (private)

        Belva Anna Mae Lyons (private) m: (private) Malcolm Fenderson Brown II "Dunnor"
        children: Malcolm Fenderson Brown III (private) m: Jennifer Tapley (private)
        Alisa Denise Brown (private)
    Peter Lyons (private)

Charles Herbert Beek Birth: Mar. 11, 1852 Death: Aug. 19, 1932 (conflicting death date Aug. 24, 1936?)
Charles was the son of Joseph Beek 1800-1882 & Ann F. Leslie 1814-1891. He was one of 10 children; Mary 1835-?, Charlotte 1837-?, Joseph 1839-1902, Nancy 1840-?, Alexander 1841-1912, James 1845-?, Sarah 1847-1918, Eliza 1849-? William 1849-?.The census report states that his father Joseph Beek was born in Ireland and came to Ireland to live. He meet his Canadian wife Ann in New Brunswick. It also stated that he couldn't read or write, he was a farmer. Charles was a large man, standing at least 6' 4" or taller. Charles married Martha Jane Gilks and they had seven children; Rhoda 188-1979, Cornelius 1890-1977, Honner 1882-1953, Charles 1876-1936, Scott 1886-?, Hannah 1883-?, Nancy 1889-1913.Charles is buried with his wife "Jane", his son and his wife Charles Henry & Mary Francis Beek & another daughter Nancy J. Beek who reportedly died from kidney disease. It is reported that Nancy had diabetes and the diabetes probably damaged her kidneys and she died at the age of 24. All of these folk along with a Granddaughter are buried in the same row # 9. These four do not have a headstone yet. NY cousin and I are raising money to get them the proper headstone that they deserve.
Burial:Old St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery Doaktown New Brunswick, Cana
    Record added: May 17 2004By: Colleen Donnelly-Tandiama

Charles H. male died 1932-08-19 Northumberland Co. 069 069327 F1872

Couldn't read or write.

Individual Notes

Note for:   Martha Ann Jane Gilks,   22 SEP 1851 - 27 JAN 1939         Index

     Date:   29 JAN 1939
     Place:   Doaktown, Northumberland Co, NB, CN

Individual Note:
     MARTHA GILKS B. 1851
Commonly called "Jane" as identified on birth of son Cornelius Elbridge Beek. 4 ft. 8 in. tall (unconfirmed) Could read and write.

Death Certificate PANB New Brunswick, CN received from Colleen Donnelly May 2003 (listed as Beck)
Martha Jane Gilks born September 22, 1851, Blissfield, New Brunswick
Parents - John Gilks of England & Nancy Moores of Blissfield, New Brunswick
Date of Death January 27, 1939, Doaktown, NB Buried January 29, 1939 St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery Doaktown
Informant was Mrs. George Doak - niece of Doaktown
Widowed of Charles Herbert Beek in 1932 She was 87 years 4 months 5 days old
She was a housewife for life and last doing this December 1938
Immediate cause of death hypostatic(sp) pneumonia (nose, cheek eye infection unreadable)
Dr. J.B. Hamilton last saw her alive on January 20th 1939. Death Certificate F19350 #20508
Information of birth 1855 and death 1939 from Sylvia Woodcock

Martha Jane lived in Storeytown and her sister Maryann lived in Doaktown, which is across the river.(Sylvia Woodcock with thanks)

From Find a Grave
Martha Jane (Gilks) Beek
Birth: Sep. 21, 1852
Death: Jan. 27, 1939
"Jane" was the daughter of John Gilks 1794-1878 and Nancy Agnes Mooers 1823-1892. Jane was one of eight children, James 1841-1909, Peter 1843-?, John Leverett 1845-?, Emeline 1848-?, Zacharias 1852-1929, Mary Ann 1857-1937, Cornelius 1858-1882. Jane married Charles Herbert Beek and they had seven children; Charles 1876-1936, Honor 1882-1953, Scott 1886-?, Nancy 1889-1913, Cornelius 1890-1977, Rhoda 1885-1979, Hannah 1883-?.Jane a very strict and devote Anglican church goer. She helped out with the church activities so much that they honored her with a plaque that hangs in the church reception hall at St. Andrew's. Jane was known always to wear her white, very starched, full length apron with a long black dress. She also played midwife to many in the area, it was reported. She died from pneumonia. She is buried along side her husband, daughter Nancy and her granddaughter Pansy in an unmarked grave. I have spoken with the groundskeeper and family members. My cousin and I are raising money to honor these Four Beeks with a long awaited headstone. They so deserve it. We hope by this summer. As soon as we do I will post a photo as soon as I get it.
Burial: Old St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery ,Doaktown
New Brunswick, Canada
    Record added: May 17 2004
By: Colleen Donnelly-Tandiama

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Note for:   Cornelius Elbridge Beek,   13 NOV 1891 - 12 MAY 1977         Index

     Date:   MAY 1977
     Place:   New St. Andrews Anglican Cem., Doaktown NB CN

Individual Note:
     CORNELIUS BEEK (nickname Neil)

Provincial Archives Birth RS 141 A1b Code 1891 B 24 F3 F18780 ( conflict of dates of birth Nov. 13, 1890, but possibly not registered until later) CORNELIUS ELBRIDGE BEEK, CHARLES BEEK, JANE GILKS, 13 November 1891, DOAKTOWN, NO, F18780 #1891-B-24

Index to Late Registration of Births: 1810-1908 Child: BEEK, CORNELIUS ELBRIDGE Sex: M
Date of Birth: 1891-Nov.-13 (YYYY-MM-DD) Place: DOAKTOWN County: NORTHUMBERLAND
Code: 1891-B-24 Microfilm: F18780
From the Archives of Canada received from website Nov. 2002
Drafted for Military Service
Regimental # 3257499 Ref.. RG-150 Box 586-46
Cornelius Beek of Doaktown, Northumberland Co., New Brunswick , Canada
Military Serve Act letter and number: S82772 FC
Born: Nov. 13, 1891 at Doaktown, NB.
Single , Religion: Church of England, Trade: farmer
Next of kin: Charles P. Beek (believe the middle initial should be H.) father of Doaktown NB
Medical Examination at Newcastle, NB Nov. 29, 1917
Description : apparent age 25 yrs. 4 months, height 5 ft. 4 in. Chest fully expanded 35 in. Range of expansion 3 1/2 in. Complexion: medium, Eyes: blue, Hair: brown
Signed and dated at St. John, NB, May 8th, 1918

Cornelius Elbridge Beek Birth: Nov. 13, 1890 Death: May. 12, 19
Neil as he was called, was the son of Charles Herbert(3-11-1852 to 8-19-1932) & Martha Jane (Gilks)-Beek(9-22-1853 to 1-27-1939). He was one of 7 children, Rhoda Ann (1885-1979), Honner Mae 1882-1953, Charles Henry (1876-1936), Scott Alexander (1886-?), Hannah F. (1883-?), Nancy J.(1889-1913.)He married Minnie Storey on 6-11-1918. He was drafted into the military when he was 25 years and 4 months, so that would March of 1916. Minnie and Neil had 8 children; Turnie Hogan 1919-1997, Bertha Marie 1920-2003, Pauline 1922-2000, Verna 1925-1967, Donald 1926-2003, Cyril 1928-1929,Vincent 1930 & Sylvia 1931-1992. Minnie & Neil are buried together and have a lovely headstone,
Burial: New St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery Doaktown New Brunswick, Canada Plot: Row #6
    Record added: May 17 2004 By: Colleen Donnelly-Tandia

Individual Notes

Note for:   Turnie Hogan Beek,   21 JUL 1919 - 26 AUG 1997         Index

Individual Note:
Still alive living in Storeytown across the river from Doaktown NB, CN in about 1980

Legion Magazine Last Post Copy Sept/Oct 1998 : listed Beek, Private Turnie WWII, New Brunswick died 1997
Last Name: BEEK First Name: Turnie Date Deceased: August 26, 1997 Age: 77
Service Information Rank: Private Service Number: G1924 Units: Period of Service: World War 2
Legion Branch: Doaktown Branch Location: New Brunswick, CN

Other Beeks listed in Legion Magazine:
Personal Information
Last Name: BEEK
First Name: Frank
Date Deceased: November 15, 1995
Age: 82
Service Information
Rank: Corporal
Service Number:
Period of Service: World War 2
Legion Branch Information
Member Title:
Legion Branch: Lloydminster Branch
Location: Lloydminster, Saskatchewan
    Personal Information
Last Name: BEEK
First Name: Raymond F.
Date Deceased: July 8, 2001
Age: 53
Service Information
Rank: Corporal
Service Number: SC140566
Units: Royal Canadian Artillery, RCE
Period of Service: Regular Force, Reserve
Legion Branch Information
Member Title:
Legion Branch: Westbank Branch
Location: British Columbia

From Find a Grave
Birth: Jul. 21, 1919
Death: Aug. 26, 1997
    Turnie was the son of Cornelius Elbridge (11-13-1890 to 5-12-1977 ) and Minnie Storey-Beek(4-21-1900 to 8-30-1980). Turnie was one of eight children: Bertha Beek 9-13-1920 to 7-24-2003, Pauline Beek 2-16-1922 to 12-28-2000, Verna Beek 1-17-1925 to 4-1967, Donald Beek 8-13-1926 to 6-16-2003, Cyril Beek 3-3-1928 to 12-29-1929,Vincent Beek 1-1-1930, Sylvia Beek 5-29-1931. Turnie married Mary Rita Brideau and they had 16 children.
    Burial:New St. Andrew's Anglican Cemetery Doaktown
New Brunswick, Canada Plot: Row # 5
    Record added: May 17 2004
By: Colleen Donnelly-Tandiama

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Note for:   Susan Ann Yerxa,    - 19 OCT 1909         Index

     Date:   1909
     Place:   Carlisle Cemetery, Douglas, York Co., NB, CN

Individual Note:
     Susan Yerxa
11 years old on the 1851 census for Douglas, NB, CN

Individual Notes

Note for:   Joshua W. Rowell,   ABT 1837 - AFT 1920         Index

     Date:   UNKNOWN
     Place:   Maine US

Individual Note:
1910 Census US Maine, Penobscot County, Bradley Town Enumerated April 30, 1910 Supervisors District # 2 Enumeration District 150 Sheet 10A River Road #137 #145
Rowell, Joshua head male white age 73 married once 3 years b. Maine father b. Maine, mother b. Maine English farmer, general farm he owns
Rowell, Sarah wife female white age 56 married one 3 years 10 children 8 alive b. Canada English, father b. Canada English, arrived US 1900, (probably 1909) English no occupation
Gilbert, Whitfield step-son male white age 21, single b. Canada English, father b. Canada English, mother b. Canada English, arrived US 1900 (probably 1909) English , labourer odd job for wages
Gilbert, Mimmie, step-daughter female white age 29 married once 6 years no children, b. Canada English, mother b. Canada English, father b. Canada English. arrived US 1900 English not working.

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Note for:   Frances Huestis Beek,   9 FEB 1822 - 13 NOV 1887         Index

     Type:   Baptised
     Date:   17 JUL 1825
     Place:   Wilmot Church, Fredericton, NB, CN

Individual Note:
Wilmot United Church formerly Fredericton Methodist Church Baptisms 1794-1835
Ref. #119 page 31 baptism by John Marshall

One of the people mentioned in land grant request made by John Beek his father, included a Huestis. It is possible Frances middle name came from this person, a family friend or business partner or mother.

Ontario, Canada Census Index, 1871 Division: 4 Microfilm Roll: C-9956 Page: 39
Name: Fanny Williams head of household Age: 48 Estimated birth year: abt 1823 Gender: Female Birth Place: New Brunswick Residence District: Halton Residence Location: Esquesing Ethnic Origin: English (Fanny is a widow by 1871. Only heads of households are indexed)
Religion: Wesleyan Methodist

Ontario Census Index 1871 Microfilm Roll: C-9956 Page: 74 Division: 4 (mother in law?)
Name: Eliza Williams head Age: 68 Estimated birth year: abt 1803 Gender: Female Birth Place: Ontario
    Residence District: Halton Residence Location: Esquesing Ethnic Origin: English
Religion: Episcopal Methodist / Methodist Episcopal

Ontario, Canada Census Index, 1871 Division: 4 Microfilm Roll: C-9956 Page: 42
    Name: Benjon Williams Age: 25 Estimated birth year: abt 1846 Gender: Male Birth Place: Ontario
     Residence District: Halton Residence Location: Esquesing Ethnic Origin: English
Religion: Episcopal Methodist / Methodist Episcopal Occupation: Woolen Manuf

1871 Census Index Division: 4 Microfilm Roll: C-9956 Page: 75
Name: Joseph Williams head Age: 27 Estimated birth year: abt 1844 Gender: Male Birth Place: Ontario Residence District: Halton Residence Location: Esquesing Ethnic Origin: English
Religion: Episcopal Methodist / Methodist Episcopal Occupation: Miller

1881 Census Place Yorkville, York East, Ontario Family History Library Film 1375884
     NA Film Number C-13248 District 135 Sub-district D Division 1 Page Number 39
     Household Number 195
      Frances WILLIAMS W Female Irish 59 b. New Brunswick C. Methodist
    Catherine WILLIAMS Female Welsh 32 b. O C. Methodist
    John RYAN M Male Irish 24 b. O Painter Cathol
    Prudence RYAN M Female Scottish 22 b. O C. Methodist
    John RYAN Male Irish 2 b. O C. Methodist
    Violet RYAN Female Irish --- Born: Dec; 4/12 M b. O C. Methodist
    Elizabeth TAYLOR Female English 8 O Church of England

     Death Registration Ontario.Frances H. Williams died November 13, 1887 York County b. about 1823 female age 64
born Canada Methodist died of Valvuar Distress 1 year Wm. H Howitt MD Toronto Registered Dec. 30, 1887 John Blevins Registrar # 022108