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Note for:   George P Cliff,   ABT 1858 - AFT 1881         Index

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     Not with family on the 1881 Census. Age and name comes from 1871 Census
George P Cliff is living with his brother Alfred on the 1881 Census

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Note for:   Elizabeth Jane MacFie,   SEP 1868 - 1938         Index

Individual Note:
     Elizabeth MacFie (alias Lillie)

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Note for:   Ronald Monteith Maitland,   6 JAN 1887 - 15 APR 1937         Index

Individual Note:
     Birth Registration Ontario Canada Ronald Monteith Maitland male b. June 6, 1887 b. Grimsby 33 Lincoln ON Parents Robert Read M clergyman of Grimsby , mother Sarah Margaret Jane Robb Roll MS933_13 (1901 census gives birth date as Jan 4 1885, other info gives birth as 6 Jan 1886?)

Second name was given as "Mordent" not "Monteith". Mordent was the name of the town in Scotland where the ancient Maitlands lived

Marriage British Columbia CN Groom Name:Ronald M Maitland Place: Vancouver Reg. Number:1911-09-065871 Bride Name: Laura F G Phipps Date:1911 9 27 (Yr/Mo/Day) Event:
Marriage Microfilm #:B11375 (GSU # 1983703)

British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979 Name: Ronald Monteith Maitland Gender: Male
Age: 51 Death Date: 15 Apr 1937 Place of Death: Vancouver Registration #: 1937-09-527334
bca #: B13159 gsu #: 1953192

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Note for:   William Thomson,   ABT 1831 - UNKNOWN         Index

Individual Note:
     William Thomson
Possible twin of Janet Thomson

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Note for:   Janet Thomson,   ABT 1831 - UNKNOWN         Index

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     Janet Thomson
Unsure if Janet and William are twins.

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Note for:   Olivia Helen Smith,   23 NOV 1819 - 30 DEC 1888         Index

Individual Note:
Came to Canada in 1825 according to the 1851 census. Was married in Canada
Olivia Beek alias Beck arrived 1825 age 4 (age 30 in 1851) to NB location, Fredericton

Newspaper Information Dec. 31 1888 Globe ( published in PILOT news Jan. 10, 1889)
#3371 Died 30 inst at residence of Rev. J. Strothard, Halifax NS. Olivia Beek wife of Henry S. Beek (died 1884) of St. John. Alice Eliza Beek was her daughter and Rev. J. Strothard her son-in-law.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 75 Number 642 Rank 128 Date January 1, 1889
County Saint John Place Saint John Newspaper The Daily Sun
    d. 30th ult., at residence of Rev. J. STOTHARD, Halifax, N.S., Olivia BEEK w/o late Henry S. BEEK of this city. Funeral from Crouchville (St. John) Wednesday 3 o'clock. Coaches will leave King Square half past 2 o'clock.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 72 Number 2954 Rank 128 Date January 10, 1889
County Charlotte Place Saint Andrews Newspaper Bay Pilot
d. Halifax, N.S., 30th Dec., Olivia BEEK relict of H.S. BEEK and d/o late Geo. N. SMITH, formerly of St. Andrews (Charlotte Co.)

Olivia Helen Smith b. Nov. 23, 1819 . Emigrated 1825 with Smith parents to Fredericton.
    d. 30 Dec. 1889 Methodist Parsonage Nova Scotia (Residence of daughter Alice Smith Strothard.
1940 in St. John Burial Jan. 2, 1890, probably Fernhill Cemetery (age 70)

Bev. Guy provided excerpts from George Neilson Smith's letters either to his son in law, Henry Seymour Beek or to his daughter Olivia Helen Smith. They lived in Fredericton.
9 Dec. 1846 (to Henry) "Make my best regards acceptable to your father" 14 Oct 1853 (to Olivia just after Geroge Neilson returned to St. John after visit with them in Fredericton)): "I am sorry Mr. Beek persisted in going to St. John. I had nothing to do with his arrangement and took the liberty of advising him to avoid some expenses he intended to incur. When we got down (*I believe this means George Neilson and Joseph Beek came together from Fredericton) I told your Mother exactly how things stood. She remonstrated with him very seriously and very earnestly. She regretted he had come down; requested that he would not buy a new coat, as the one he had would do him all winter if he got a warm homespun to wear in the office (*presume this means a sort of woolly shawl to wear over his shoulders); to get his hat dressed which could be made like new (*I suppose he wanted a new hat as well). She would not accept to the value of a shilling from him until she should hear that he was entirely clear with Henry (*I think this means Joseph had borrowed money from Henry). He remained very silent all the evening and i think formed proper resolutions. Next morning he went down to Eliza (*wife of D. J. McLaughlin and George Neilson's sister) and got her to speak to D. J. McLaughlin about cashing a bill for him to the amount of (unreadable - something 40) Mr. McL. at once consented and desired him to get a name on it (*at the time, DJ McL. was either on the Board or President. of the Commercial Bank, an enterprise which later failed c. 1870). Mr. Beek expected to get Willie (*not certain but pretty sure this is Olivia Beek's brother William Morgan) but he was away at the time so he returned to Fred'n. where no doubt he has gone thro' the transaction and Henry will get the amount. I now most sincerely hope that Mr. Beek will resume his former cheerful manner, turn to rigid observation of his religious duties and sit with the family at night socially and happily. it appears some time ago our family were greatly indebted to Mr. Beek's kindness but such facts were sedulously kept from my knowledge. I knew of a basket of very fine vegetables coming on one occasion and a little creel (*a cage of wickerwork) of poultry on (comment in the letter lead me to think Joseph was a bit of a drinker and that was causing a problem within the family. He had been down to Saint John visiting my grgrandfather, Daniel John McLaughlin and his second wife, Eliza Baille Smith.) another occasion - "Beyond this, witnesses sayeth not). It would be a dreadful thing to neglect Mr. B or even let him slip up on his late habits. I think with a little tact and a little indulgence you might win him over (*This suggests to me that relationships were strained at that time but the last sentence is open to any interpretation)

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 72 Number 854
Rank 64 Date January 9, 1889 County Northumberland Place Newcastle Newspaper Union Advocate
d. Methodist Parsonage, Halifax, N.S., Sunday morn. 30th Dec., Mrs. Olivia BEEK, mother of Mrs. James STROTHARD, age 70.

Bev Guy report Dec 2001 Death notice for Roseanna LaTrobe Wright b. Waterford Ireland, mother of Olivia (Morgan) Smith widow of Henry Seymour Beek of Fredericton and Jane LaTrobe(Wright) wife of Rev. Ronald E. Smith, Rector of St. Andrews Church, St. Andrews NB, then St. Marks Church St. George, Charlotte County NB. Rosanna died 10 May 1857 Brighton, Carleton County NB

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Note for:   Joseph M. Beek,   ABT 1841 - 21 JAN 1873         Index

     Date:   1873
     Place:   St. John Co, NB, CN

Individual Note:

1870 US Census Cook County, Ward 10 Chicago Illinois from Heritage Quest received Dec. 2004
Series M593 Roll 205 page 363 lines 33 and 34 of page 21 Census taken June 11, 1870
#121 166 Rice, Frederick age 46 RR Conductor property $8000 cash $2000 b. Massachusetts
Rice, Eliza wife age 43 keeping house b. Canada
Rice, Frederick son age 18 shipping clerk b. New York
Everson, Anna age 26 domestic servant b. Sweden
Everson, Betsy age 33 domestic servant b. Sweden
Fergeson, Robert E age 36 manufacturer property $30000 cash $40000 b. New Brunswick
Fergeson, Bimbo? age 34 manufacturer property $20000 cash $30000 b. New Brunswick
Fergeson, Thomas S. age 33 manufacturer cash $30000 b. New Brunswick
Fergeson, M. Kar? age 27 manufacturer cash $30000 b. New Brunswick
Beek, George W or N? age 25, clerk in office b. New Brunswick (believed son of Henry Beek) *****
Beek, Joseph age 27 clerk in drugstore b. New Brunswick (believed son of Henry Beek) *****
Martin, Joseph W age 20 clerk b. England
George, James age 21 clerk n st.? b. Massachusetts

Daily Telegraph Newspaper report Death January 23, 1873.
#713 Died Tuesday 21st inst. Joseph M. Beek eldest s/o Henry S. Beek age 33 funeral from his father's residence corner Carmarthen & Mecklenburg Sts. St. John, NB Friday half past 2 o'clock.

Daniel F. Johnson : Volume 33 Number 713 Rank 128 Date January 23, 1873
County Saint John Place Saint John Newspaper The Daily Telegraph
d. Tuesday 21st inst., Joseph M. BEEK eldest s/o Henry S. BEEK, Esq., age 33. Funeral from his father's residence, corner of Carmarthen and Mecklenburg Sts. (St. John) Friday half past 2 o'clock.

Unable to find the Ferguson brothers in Chicago or on the Canadian Censuses.
Government RecordsRS141 Vital Statistics Provincial Returns of Deaths
Name FERGUSON, ROBERT E. Sex M Age -- Date 1892 | 02 | 09 (Y-M-D) County SAINT JOHN Registration 1846 Reference C4/1892
Microfilm F14021

Government RecordsRS141 Vital Statistics Name FERGUSON, THOMAS WILLIAM Sex M Age <1 Date 1895 | 11 | 20 (Y-M-D)
County SAINT JOHN Registration 1335 Reference C4/1895 Microfilm F16778


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Note for:   Edwin G. Beek,   ABT 1844 - AFT 1881         Index

Individual Note:
Marriage notice RS551A Film#F9098 Ref. 1868-787 Edwin Beek or Westmorland Co. groom and Elizabeth Sarah Williston bride from Northumberland Co., New Brunswick, CN Co-signer Samuel McKean Westmorland Co. NB

Newspaper report of Marriage March 7, 1868 Morning Telegraph
#160 married Newcastle Northumberland Co. New Brunswick, CN Thursday morn 3rd ult residence of bride's father by Rev. E. Evans, Edwin G. Beek of Dorchester ( Westmoreland Co.) and Elizabeth Sarah 2nd d/o Hon Judge Williston. (Newcastle since renamed Miramichi)

RS551A - Index to Marriage Bonds, 1810-1932 Name: BEEK, EDWIN Year: 1868
Origin: WESTMORLAND COUNTY Microfilm: F-9098 Reference: 1868-787

1871 Census Northumberland Co. Newcastle, NB CN
Beek, Edwin G. male married age 26 b. in NB English merchant Wesleyan Methodist
Beek, Elizabeth female married age 21 b. in NB English Wesleyan Methodist.

1881 Census Place St Andrew's Ward, Toronto, York, Ontario Family History Library Film 1375883
     NA Film Number C-13247 District 134 Sub-district G Division 1 Page Number 142
     Household Number 721 (not confirmed as target)
    Edwin BECK M Male Irish age 38 New Brunswick Clerk Methodist
    Bessie BECK M Female English age 32 New Brunswick Methodist

E. G. Beek
1892 Voter Registration Chicago 1 82 7 4341 Evans Ave.(unclear if male or female but likely male and relation to target family unknown) E. G. Beek born in Canada 5 mo. ?7 yes 2 yes no yes

Not found on the subsequent censuses for Canada and USA. Because no births as of the 1881 census, they likely remained childless.

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Note for:   Mary Alma Graham,   ABT 1904 - 27 OCT 1936         Index

Individual Note:
     Death Date from Victoria Daily Times obits
Beek, Mary Alma, (Mrs. Sterling H. Beek) died 1936.10.27 age 32 (maiden name not given) Reg/ No. 1936-09-519304 Microfilm B13157 GSU 1953021

A Mary Graham age 3 is found on the 1911 census for Nanaimo BC living with her father Wm. and mother Mary. Unsure if she is the target person.

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Note for:   Olivia Jane Beek,   27 FEB 1847 - 11 MAR 1929         Index

Individual Note:
Birth year estimated from 1881 Census Place Simonds, Saint John, New Brunswick , CN
Family History Library Film 1375815 NA Film Number C-13179 District 25 Sub-district H
Division 1 Page Number 64 Household Number 291

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Note for:   Robert Ray,   ABT 1840 - 1923         Index

Individual Note:
Family seems to have moved around a lot.

1881 Census Milltown, Charlotte, NB CN LDS Film 1375815 NA Film #C-13179 District 26 Sub-district L Page # 27 Household # 139
    Robert RAY M Male Irish 41 New Brunswick Saw Mfg Methodist
    Catherin RAY M Female Irish 37 New Brunswick Methodi
    Jennie RAY Female Irish 15 New Brunswick Methodist
    Fred RAY Male Irish 13 New Brunswick Methodist
    Bertie RAY Female Irish 9 New Brunswick Methodist
    Chas RAY Male Irish 7 New Brunswick Methodist
    Bessie RAY Female Irish 5 New Brunswick Methodist
    Emily RAY Female Irish --- Born: 2 1/2 New Brunswi
    Louisa RAY Female Irish 1 Born: Jan; 3/12 New Brunswick

1885 State Census Minnesota Hennpin County, Minneapolis Roll MNSC_27 line 13 Schedule 6 page 25 Enumerated 27 May 1885
Ray, Robert age 44 b. NB
Catherine age 40 b. NB
Jenny age 20 b. NB
Frederick age 18 b. NB
Alberta age 16 b. NB
Charles age 13 b. NB
Bessie age 11 b. NB
    Emily age 9 b. NB
Louisa age 4 b.
John age 1 b. Minnesota

1910 Census US Washington State, King Co. Seattle Ward 3 District 158 Sup District 1 Enumeration District 158 Sheet 4B Enumerated 18 April 1910, Eighth Ave W #1629 88 77
Ray, Robert head age 68 married once 45 years, b. Canada father and mother b. England immigrated 1882 alien own income
Ray, Catherine B. wife age 65 Married once 45 years 7 kids 7 alive b Canada father and mother b. Ireland immigrated 1882 not employed ( had more than 7 children)
Ray, Jennie J. daughter single age 40 b. Canada parents b. Canada nurse
Ray, Emily K. daughter age 30 single b. Canada, parents b. Canada nurse
Ray, John B son age 26 single b. Minnesota , father and mother b. Canada clerk park board
Ray, Florence J daughter age 21 single b. Minnesota , parents b. Canada not employed.

Death Government Records RS141New Brunswick, Canada Vital Statistics Details #039220 County CHARLOTTE Registration 4847 Volume 4 Microfilm F18907
Name RAY, ROBERT Sex M Date 1923 | 04 | 20 (Y-M-D) (unsure if this the target)



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Note for:   George Alexander Jessiman,   9 APR 1904 - 29 SEP 1957         Index

Individual Note:
Government Records RS141 Vital Statistics Index to Death Certificates Name JESSIMAN, ROBERT H. Sex M Date 1926 | 07 | 08 (Y-M-D)
County NORTHUMBERLAND New Brunswick, Canada. (Relation to target family unknown , perhaps a son who died) Registration 25859 Volume 25 Microfilm F18928

Government Records RS141 Vital Statistics Index to New Brunswick Marriages Canada
Number 2631 Reference B4/1926 Microfilm F19690

Death Registration New Brunswick,, Jessiman, George Alexander Reg. # 4232 Microfilm F20858

Grand father of George Jessiman was born in Huntly, County Aberdeen Scotland in 1807 and came to Douglastown in 1833. Information from Robert Jessiman

Obituary, A. George Jessiman Miramichi Press 1926
The death of Alexander George Jessiman occurred at his home in Douglastown, very suddenly Sunday morning, Sept. 29, following a heart seizure.
Mr. Jessiman was born in Douglastown a son of the late Robert and Ina (Morton) Jessiman and lived there his entire life. He was an active worker in St. Marks's Untied Church and a member of the Young Men's Club. He was employed by the Miramichi Lumber Co., and was a member of the Quarter Century Club.
Survived are his wife, the former Edith Beek, two sons Robert of Moncton and Harry of Douglastown, one sister Mrs. John J. Williston, Douglastown and one Brother Cameron Jessiman, Napa California.
The funeral was held from his home on Tuesday, Oct. 1, conducted by the pastor of St. marks's Untied Church Rev. J. A. Reddock, assisted by the church choir.
Honorary pallbearers were William Beek, W. L. Freeze, William Creighton, Charles Frank Johnstone, Clifford Jessiman, Robert Gray , Hary Harry, Marvin Gray and Peter Harry. Active pallbearers were Eldon Beek, Petley Beek, Elmer Creighton, Stanley Rushton, John J. Williston and Herbert Jessiman. Interment was in St. mark's Cemetery.
Attended the funeral from out of town were Mrs. Rob. Russell, Miss Margaret Doak, Doaktown, Mr. and Mrs. William Beek Edmundston, Mrs and Mrs Stanley Rushton, Saint John, Carl Wilson and John Rose Moncton.
Floral tributes and Gideon bibles were received from:
    wife Edith, Young Men's Club, trustees St. mark's United Church, Morrison Mill Crew, Miramichi Lumber Co., staff of Atlantic Wholesalers, Young Women's Club, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Beek, Alexander Jessiman family, Mrs and Mrs. Frank Johnstone and Margaret, Mrs and Mrs. Ervine Johnstone, Mr and Mrs. Gilbert Dick, Mr and Mrs Mac Lockerbie, Mr and Mrs Bliss Wilson, Mr and Mrs John Rose, Mr and Mrs Russell Nowland, Carl Wilson, Boys of Air Brake Dept., CNR Moncton, Mr and Mrs Eldon Beek, James Beek, Mrs Petley Beek, Mr and Mrs James Creighton, Mr and Mrs. William Creighton, Mr and Mrs. Walter Carruthers, Mrs and Mrs. Robert B. Jessiman.

Mr and Mrs. Eddie Barge, Mr. and Mrs Donald Rushton , Mr and Mrs Murray Cairns, Mrs and Mrs Ray Williston, Napa California, Mr and Mrs John J Williston, Mr and Mrs. Elmer Ceighton, Mr and Mrs. Paul Hyslop and Mr and Mrs. Walter McLaughlin and family, Mrs and Mrs Stanley Rushton, Mr and Mrs Marven Gray, Mr and Mrs Dewar Judson (rest of obit was cut off )

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Note for:   Harvey Ogden Beek,   24 MAY 1905 - 28 SEP 1990         Index

Individual Note:
Social Security Death Index Record about Harvey O. Beek SSN: 477-09-15
Born: 24 May 1905 Died: 28 Sep 1990 State (Year) SSN issued: Minnesota (Before 1951 )

Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002
    Name: Harvey O. Beek M.D. Birth Date: 24 May 1905 Death Date: 28 Sep 1990 Death County: Ramsey
Mother's Maiden Name: Brown State file number: 024567 Certificate Number: 024567
Certificate Year: 1990 Record Number: 2368408
Collection Summary Creator: Beek, Harvey O. Title: Harvey O. Beek papers Dates: 1942-1990 Dates: (bulk 1942-1945)
    Abstract: Collection contains slides and papers of Dr. Harvey O. Beek, alumnus and instructor at the University of Minnesota.
    Quantity: 1 box (1.3 linear feet) Collection Number: 2002-45 Repository: University of Minnesota Libraries. University Archives

Biographical Sketch of Harvey O. Beek (1905-1990)
Harvey O. Beek was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. He attended Harvard University and received his M.D. from the University of Minnesota. He began his career as an internal medicine specialist in 1934 at Miller Hospital in St. Paul. During World War II, Dr. Beek served with the U.S. Army's 26th General Hospital Unit. After the War, he returned to St. Paul and worked at the Wilder Foundation for the next 38 years. In addition, he was an instructor in the University of Minnesota's Medical School. Dr. Beek retired from his medical practice in the early 1980s.

Dr. Beek was also very active in the opera and performing arts community in St. Paul. His first experience with the opera was when he was stationed in Bari, Italy during World War II. Upon his return to Minnesota, he became involved with the St. Paul Civic Opera. He served on its board for 10 years (1957-1967) and as its president for six years (1960-1966). He also served on the boards of the Chimera Theatre, the St. Paul Arts and Sciences Foundation, St. Paul Philharmonic Society and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Dr. Beek died in 1990.

Scope and Content
The bulk of the collection consists of slides takes during Dr. Beek's service in World War II in North Africa and Italy. Images on the slides include Bari, Italy; Cairo, Egypt; Constantine, North Africa; and Naples, Italy. In addition to the slides, the collection also contains correspondence, biographical materials, clippings and newspapers, photographs and an excerpt from Glen B. Infield's book, Disaster at Bari.

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 (likely not the target)
Name: Harvey Beek Birth Year: 1913 Race: White, citizen Nativity State or Country: Iowa
State: Iowa County or City: Lyon Enlistment Date: 7 Feb 1941 Enlistment State: Iowa
Enlistment City: Fort Des Moines Branch: Field Artillery Branch Code: Field Artillery
Grade: Private Grade Code: Private Component: Regular Army (including Officers, Nurses, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men) Source: Civil Life Education: 2 years of college
Marital Status: Single, without dependents Height: 68 Weight: 127
U.S. Public Records Index
    Name: Harvey O Beek Birth Date: 0 1905 Street address: 900 Goodrich Ave City: Saint Paul
County: Ramsey State: Minnesota Zip Code: 55105 Phone Number: 651-222-7295
Household Members: Name Est. Age Birth Year Grace E Beek 95, 1911 Harvey O Beek 101, 1905
    (assume but not confirmed Grace E or I is Harvey O Beek's wife)
Perhaps used Beek, Harvey O 1380 Marice Dr. St. Paul MN 55121-9748 in telephone directory 651 222-7295 (assuming he would have passed away before) Third cousin once removed of Kenneth Beek (1939) Perhaps this Harvey O Beek is a son. (phoned the number and got what appears to be a care worker or secretary??)

Photo probably taken in the 1950's Harvey Ogden Beek very active in community arts and affiars as per bio. This is a good picture as I remember him in those days. From the collection of Dorothy Kinzie

Photo in the early 1940's Major Harvey Ogden Beek US Army. He was a highly decorated office. Location of decorations unknown. Full size photo 8x11' from the collection of Dorothy Kinzie

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Note for:   Francis Beek,   ABT 1775 - AFT 1806         Index

Individual Note:
     FRANCIS BEEK (often spelled Beik)
Birth: About 1775 Of, Cloyne Diocese, Cork, Ireland from LDS Doubtful that Francis Beek's mother was Catherine Laurence, since she would have been rather old to be the mother of this Francis. Information yet to be confirmed.
Spouse: Margaret Harrison b. about 1779
Marriage: 1800 Cloyne Diocese, Cork, Ireland (unclear if this is the right person e.g. a first marriage)
Second marriage to Catherine Sullivan a possibility from LDS IGI